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Precautions to use sanitary napkins
Aug 23, 2018

Unsanitary: Women in the menstrual period of resistance is very poor, do not pay attention to nursing will cause all kinds of improper body.

In the early years of expert statistics, the use of substandard sanitary napkins, 38% of people will suffer from serious gynecological diseases, 73% of women will feel local skin itching, burning, burn, 80% of women will also have high fever, headache, abdominal pain and other symptoms. The reason is that the female pelvic cavity, uterus, cervix in the external environment are interlinked, such a structure so that women's reproductive system vulnerable to the invasion of external pathogenic objects.

Especially during menstruation, the resistance of genital organ drops, more fragile than usual, if use substandard sanitary napkin, it is easy to happen infection. Menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, it has become a breeding ground for bacteria "culture medium."

An experiment shows that the total surface bacteria can reach 107 per square centimeter after 2 hours of continuous use of common sanitary napkins.

Regular change: Good sanitary napkins must be in the premise of ensuring their basic without germs, the focus on the pursuit of two: good absorption rate and high permeability, otherwise it may be due to the private place to create a closed dry environment and lead to bacterial breeding into the human body.

If it is a poor sanitary napkin, it may be because the material contains impurities and poor absorption of the risk of increased inflammation greatly.

Women's best to change sanitary napkins, the flow of time is best to change every 2-3 hours, the flow of less than 4-5 hours a day; even to the period to wash the vulva daily, the more menstrual more attention to cleaning.

Use before replacing, must wash the hands, lest the germs on the hand spread to the sanitary napkin.

Sanitary Napkin Selection Method: Sanitary napkins on the market from the surface material look, mainly divided into dry and cotton soft two kinds.

How to choose according to individual physique and physiology period characteristic, among them knowledge is not small. Dry mesh sanitary Napkin is a "perforated membrane" of the chemical fiber material, which is characterized by a faster water permeability, but the chemical fiber may increase the rate of allergy.

Cotton mesh surface is mostly non-woven fabric, is extracted from cotton, more natural, soft, suitable for the vast majority of women. Skin sensitive should choose cotton soft surface products, avoid allergies and excessive friction.

But if you need to travel, long time to take a car, you may use dry surface, accelerate menstrual blood absorption, in order to reduce moisture, heat, reduce the risk of infection.

Hygienic Cotton Usage: Built-in tampon is a vaginal menstrual sanitary napkin, gently close to the vaginal wall, can absorb all the menstrual blood in the body.

So it can prevent leakage, keep the body clean and dry outside. As a result of sanitary cotton plug vagina and the formation of closed space, if not regularly replaced, easy to guide the normal vaginal bacteria breed rapidly, resulting in inflammation of the phenomenon of infection. And when the blood quantity is too small, if not diligent to replace the tampon, the use of a long period of time will have the situation of menstrual flow, resulting in endometriosis and other gynecological diseases.

If used should be changed 2-3 hours.

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