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The material of the diaper
Aug 23, 2018

The type of diaper in terms of material, can be divided into cloth diapers and diaper. In all baby diapers, cotton diapers have the longest history. Pure cotton unique comfort, breathable sex is a big advantage of cotton diapers. Cotton diapers are low priced and can be reused.

Cloth diaper absorption and tightness is good, not easy to cause skin allergy or diaper rash, but clean, carry inconvenient; the advantage of diaper is convenient to carry, do not need to clean, but there are allergic to the baby must be frequently replaced. Diapers need to be replaced frequently, wash hot, much sun. If the diaper is not changed in time, the baby's skin is more susceptible to the irritation of the residual detergent in the urine and diapers, resulting in hip red and diaper rash. The role of washing and ironing is obvious, both can be washed away diapers residue of urine, and other pollutants, but also can play a role in disinfection. The sun is used in sunlight to disinfect ultraviolet rays, it is better than dry, drying and other methods.

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