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The use method of sanitary napkin
Aug 23, 2018

The use of sanitary napkins One: one is a long shape, with no ears on either side.

This sanitary napkin, just rip the bag, remove the sanitary napkin and expand, and then tear off the back of the toilet paper tape (This paper is to prevent the sanitary napkin packaging adhesion, no other use, tear can be thrown away), the sanitary napkin has a plastic side of the underwear at the crotch of the pants glued to the underwear, sanitary napkins placed on the The use of sanitary napkins Two: Another kind of sanitary napkin is in the middle is a strip shape, each side has an "ear", the use of this sanitary towel, open the packaging, remove sanitary napkins, the first tear to the middle of the paper tape, the glue side first glued to the underwear in the middle of the crotch, two ears aimed at the most narrow crotch. Then tear the left side of the "ear" on the back of the small piece of sticky paper, "ear" from the top of the left of the underwear from the narrowest back to underwear crotch front sticky, then on the other side of the "ear" on the back of the sticky sticker, from the underwear of the narrowest corner of the pants to the right back to the underwear crotch fixed, because there is a sanitary napkin at the bottom of the adhesive, plus the "ear" From both sides of the fixed, sanitary napkins will be firmly glued to the bottom of the underwear, in the activity is more difficult to shift.

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