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Use of diapers
Aug 23, 2018

Diapers can take the urine of infants, easy to absorb water to get wet, avoid polluting bedding and clothes. Newborn skin is very delicate, so children's diapers with soft, water absorption as the principle, you can use old clothes such as cotton sweater trousers, old was in, white gauze, such as diapers, light color, easy to observe the color of urine, can not use chemical fiber fabric diapers, it is not only poor water absorption, but also easy to cause skin allergies.

With the development of science and technology, the market now appears "urine not wet" and disposable diapers, they are characterized by soft, absorbent, surface layer, and some special materials, advanced technology by special treatment made, after the crystallization of urine, urine will not flooded the children's skin, will not pollute the underwear, bedding. Homemade diapers, size and thickness to be suitable, not too big too thick, also not too small too thin, if too thick, will hinder the baby's activities. If it is too small and too thin, the urine will overflow and seep out.

The edge also scratches the skin. Young mothers should often observe the infant's urine performance in order to change diapers in a timely manner. Diaper folding methods are different, one is a long diaper, the second is a triangular diaper.

Under a single diaper also need to add cotton diapers, made of square, the old cotton wadding, cotton diapers can absorb more moisture. A child needs to prepare a single diaper of 20 pieces, 6 pieces of cotton diapers. Diapers to wash, wash away dirt and ammonia taste, in the washing, should use less irritating soap or powder wash, after washing to use boiling water hot, to achieve the purpose of sterilization, diapers washed after the sun to dry, this is the necessary means of disinfection. If it is in the rainy days, not the sun, iron can be used to dry, so as to achieve the purpose of disinfection, and can remove moisture, and then rub it with the hand, make it soft, the baby will feel comfortable, and then the need to use the size of the stack to put aside, in order to change diapers when easy to take.

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