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Variety selection of sanitary napkin
Aug 23, 2018

Women in the menstrual period, sensitive parts of the skin is most vulnerable to injury. The survey found that 73% of women in the menstrual period felt local skin itching, burning. This is due to the use of breathable sanitary napkins, therefore, to the menstrual period, the choice of appropriate sanitary napkins is essential.

Sanitary napkins generally by the surface layer, absorption layer and the bottom three parts of the composition, the use of these three parts of the material and role to consider. First, the surface should choose a dry mesh funnel type.

Dry surface can make local skin not suffer from dampness; funnel-shaped design is superior to barrel design, and the infiltration of liquid is not easy to return. Second, the middle-level to breathable, with high efficiency of the adhesive layer as well.

The sanitary napkin containing the high efficient adhesive layer can condense the penetrating liquid into a gel-like form, and it will not be infiltrated after being pressed, and the surface has no sticky feeling.

Third, the bottom of the selection of breathable materials made for good, it can make the gas-like water molecules smoothly through, so as to achieve timely discharge of the role of moisture, effectively reduce sanitary napkins and the body discharge the role of moisture, effectively reduce sanitary napkins and the body between the damp and sultry, keep dry and fresh feeling.

In addition, can also be based on menstrual volume to choose sanitary napkins Generally speaking of excessive menstrual volume, contains two meanings: first, excessive bleeding (normal amount of not more than 100 ml), one is too long time (normal 7 days). Excessive menstruation often due to endometrial irregular and endometrial hyperplasia, or functional uterine bleeding, uterine fibroids, hemorrhagic disease, liver dysfunction and other diseases caused, or is affected by external factors, such as not to pay attention to menstrual hygiene, heat in the cold, excessive stress and other causes. For the situation of excessive menstrual volume, the market already has a specific targeted amount of daily and add a night with sanitary napkins, such as Shubao sleeping sweetly 400 super long night with such as lengthened thickened sanitary napkins.

In addition can also be diligent, more to replace on it, not particularly difficult things.

And for menstruation before and after, especially the last two days, menstrual flow is less, you can say goodbye to the heavy sanitary napkins, choose the market on the amount of less daily-use or some mini sanitary napkins. The so-called menstrual volume is too little (menstrual bleeding), women over 18 years of age has not come to menstruation, or the past menstruation has always been normal and there is more than 3 consecutive months of menstruation is called amenorrhea. It is often due to systemic chronic diseases, such as severe anemia, liver disease, diabetes, schistosomiasis, ancylostomiasis, and so on, as well as malnutrition, endocrine disorders, partial uterine hypoplasia, genital tuberculosis and other causes. In addition, the brain suffers from intense stimulation or injury, such as excessive exhaustion can also cause amenorrhea. But the amenorrhea of pregnancy and lactation belongs to the normal physiology phenomenon.

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