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Cushion Method For Diapers
Aug 23, 2018

It is often the case that a baby with less than 3 months of birth has a hip dislocation due to improper diaper pads. Baby in the fetal is a crab-shaped, after the birth of the legs apart, the knee is curved, this is a natural posture. In this posture, the top of the thigh bone is hung on the joint, and the legs are in the kicking motion, and the hip will develop smoothly, even if standing will not slip off. However, when forced to straighten the baby's knees so that the legs close together, the muscles attached to the thigh bone will be caused by tension and the top slip off.

This destroys the development of the CAP that is fitted with the top of the thigh bone and causes dislocation. So, the diaper pad method is very important. You should try to make the baby's legs natural posture and do not affect the free movement of the hip and knee in the wrapping. You can just pad the diaper on the big legs. The triangle diaper will make the baby close to the natural posture, but if it is too tight, it will affect the natural movement of the legs.

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