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Identify The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Wet Wipes
Aug 23, 2018

1, the wet towel on the nose side gently smell, if it is high-quality wipes we will smell a soft elegant flavor, it does not have any irritation.

If it is a bag of poor quality wipes, we will feel the obvious irritant odor when we smell it. 

2, high-quality wet towel is the use of high-quality raw materials, we can see Non-woven white, without any impurities.

And the poor quality of their raw materials, we can see that there are obvious impurities, high-quality wet towel in the use of the process, there will be no obvious raising phenomenon, and poor quality of the wet towel in the use of the process has a very obvious raising phenomenon. 

3, remove the wet towel, if the wet towel has produced mildew, a long mold point, this kind of wipes do not use.

If the use of wet towel in the process of feeling the irritation of the skin, more itching, pain this feeling, should be immediately cleaned with water and stop using, so as not to cause greater harm. 

4, carefully review the product endorsement, select a detailed site, service telephone, health standards, corporate standards and related health department records, such as the official name of the brand.

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