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What Is The Difference Between Sanitary Pads And Tampons?
Jan 10, 2019

Sanitary pad: It is affixed to underwear. When cotton pad absorbs more blood, it must be replaced. It's very convenient and safe to use, so most women in Taiwan like to use Sanitary pads. However, when the weather is hot and humid, the blood seeps out easily, besides giving off a bad smell, it is also easy to infect the pudenda with Candida albicans, so that the pudenda itches, so it needs to be replaced diligently when using sanitary napkins.

Tampon: When used, the tampon is inserted into the vagina, which has the effect of strong absorption of menstrual blood. The use of tampons, clothing will not be affected, action, sports are more convenient, so more European and American women use. However, tampons are not suitable for girls with no sexual experience and complete hymen. In addition, because tampons can compress the vaginal wall, sometimes cause ulceration of the vaginal wall. It has also been reported abroad that the use of tampons has led to the proliferation of Staphylococcus aureus in the vagina, resulting in symptoms of sore throat, fever, joint and muscle soreness, decreased blood pressure and, finally, horrible cases of shock.

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