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When Do Babies Wear Pull-up Trousers?
Nov 16, 2018

In fact, from three months on, the baby's limb activities become more and more abundant. From turning over to sitting, climbing and walking, it is becoming more and more challenging for the mother to change the diapers for the baby. At this time, pull-up trousers can be chosen.

Mothers all know that good exercise is the baby's natural instinct, and exercise can help promote the baby's metabolism and brain development, has an important impact on the baby's sleep, mood, eating and so on. Therefore, mothers should encourage their children to exercise more. Wang Ronghui, an expert on infant development, once said, "In the process of baby growth, exercise plays a vital role in the development of baby's brain and body. Babies'perception of the world has not yet formed, so they need to feel everything through exercise. In this process, babies need to move constantly - crawling, walking, touching, exploring the surrounding environment to develop intelligence. Babies should be encouraged to explore objects and interact with them when they are awake. In addition, the less physical conditions imposed on them by external conditions, the more conducive to the development of intelligence. Therefore, we encourage mothers to wear pull-ups as soon as possible for their babies pull ups are suitable for babies when they turn over. Because pull-up trousers are not only easier to wear, more importantly, it is more convenient for baby activities, so that the baby can explore freely.

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