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Good News for Sensitive Skin: Eco-friendly Sanitary Napkins Are Natural and Safe

Good News for Sensitive Skin: Eco-friendly Sanitary Napkins Are Natural and Safe


According to the latest survey report of the World Health Organization, for adult women, the most common disease is not a cold, but a genital tract infection, with a 90% chance of getting sick; the most common discomfort symptoms are not fever, cough, headache, etc., but the genitals Itching, odor, pain, and frequent urination, urgency, etc. Moreover, the occurrence of many other diseases in women is also closely related to the dysfunction of the reproductive system, such as osteoporosis, coronary heart disease, diabetes, and chloasma. In a sense, the problem of the reproductive system is related to the health and happiness of a woman's life, and it can also be said to be the "source of all diseases" for a woman.

According to statistics, 63.7% of female friends' gynecological diseases are caused by the use of substandard sanitary napkins. Sanitary napkins will accompany us on special days every month. The quality of materials is closely related to health. Eco-friendly sanitary napkins are super easy to use sanitary napkins that are both safe and comfortable.

1. Environmentally friendly sanitary napkin packaging

The sanitary napkin is packed with food-grade aluminum foil on the outer packaging, which is dust-free, sterile, moisture-proof and insect-free. The seal is made of easy-to-pull stickers, which can be used repeatedly. All sanitary napkins are automatically packaged on the production line without touching human hands, avoiding secondary pollution. The manufacturer, trademark, production date and shelf life are clearly marked on each package.

2. Environmentally friendly sanitary napkin material

Environmentally friendly sanitary napkins have a 100% imported ecological cotton surface layer and a unique surface embossing technology, which is soft, dry and breathable without pilling and friction. 100% skin-friendly, no irritation and friction to the skin in daily life, zero sensitivity.

3. Environmental protection sanitary napkin bottom film

The air permeability of the bottom film of the sanitary napkin is also an important parameter to measure the quality of the sanitary napkin. If the air permeability of the sanitary napkin is not good, it will easily make the private parts wet and uncomfortable. The bottom layer of the sanitary napkin is made of natural synthetic resin, which is highly breathable, and is not wet or stuffy.

4. Environmentally friendly sanitary napkin adhesive

Many sanitary napkins on the market now contain fluorescent agents. Some developed countries have special inspections on the back glue of healthy sanitary napkins, and no fluorescent agent is allowed. The back glue of the sanitary napkin is colorless, odorless and non-fluorescent xylitol gum, which is 100% non-toxic and has no side effects.

5. The core of environmentally friendly sanitary napkins

The five-in-one composite chip of far-infrared, nano-silver, negative ions, chitin, and bio-magnetism of sanitary napkins has an antibacterial rate of up to 99%, is skin-friendly, anti-allergic, anti-itch and deodorant, and biodegradable. Experiments have shown that the number of germs in sanitary napkins is 1/3000 of that of ordinary sanitary napkins, and it is very friendly to the human body. More than 99% of people will not have allergies or uncomfortable reactions. During the menstrual period, the resistance decreases and is susceptible to bacterial infection. It is necessary to keep sanitary napkins clean. Sanitary napkins can improve menstrual discomfort, promote the discharge of congestion and dirt, absorb harmful substances, remove odors, and effectively prevent the occurrence of gynecological diseases.

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