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Cotton Pads

Cotton Pads Manufacturer in China


Zhejiang BI is a certified female and children products manufacturer, manufacturing different types of cotton-made pads at a competitive price, including square cotton wool pads, and round cotton makeup pads.

Our high-quality natural cotton pads are perfect for removing gel polish. These 100 percent cotton pads are soft and gentle on the skin which is suitable for being used in skincare and cosmetics. The smooth texture of those natural organic pads is perfect for removing makeup and nail polish.

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Types of Cotton Pads

How to choose cotton pad

When choosing a cotton pad, its touch and elasticity are the primary factors to judge. It should have a soft touch to the touch and be malleable. Because cotton pads are not light, and the lights in the store may damage its quality, so when buying cotton pads, if they are displayed in a row, don't take the first one, but the back, because the back Cotton pads will not enjoy a lot of "sunbathing". Another most practical way to distinguish is to fold the cotton pads in half and rub them together. If the cotton scraps fall off without rubbing a few times, of course it cannot be used.

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We offer a variety of Hygiene Products, such as sanitary pads, baby diapers, pull ups, disposable underpad, and cutton products, etc.

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