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Breast pads are also called bra pads, Zhejiang BI offers types of breast pads such as classic breast pads, biodegradable breast pads. Try to choose quality cotton pads that suit you according to your different hobbies, styles, and uses. Zhejiang BI's breast pads increase absorption capacity, improve hygiene and convenience, and provide users with maximum protection. Contact us to get more about breast pads' prices now!

Types of Breast Pads

How to use breast pads

Breast pads are also called bra pads, and there are types. Try to choose products that suit you according to your different hobbies, styles, and uses. Clean your breasts, use pure cotton pads, and combine them tightly with your skin. Put one side at a time: Flip the cup outwards when you wear it, place the cup at the desired angle, gently smooth the edge of the cup on the chest with your fingertips, and repeat the same action on the other side. Please make sure that the height on both sides is the same. Connect the front buckle: press the cup firmly with both hands for a few seconds to ensure it is fixed. Please unfasten the front buckle first, and gently pull the cup from top to bottom gradually. If there is any residual stickiness after pulling out, please wipe it with facial tissue.

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