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Adult Pull Ups
Adult Pull Ups
Anatomically designed to fit both men and women discretely, our adult pull ups provide maximum comfort and secure fit to prevent leakage. Easily to put on and take off and allow you to feel dry, fresh and comfortable. Suitable for heavy bladder leakage.
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Why Choose ZHEJIANG B.I. Industrial

ZHEJIANG B.I. Industrial established in 2003. As one of the leading feminine and children hygiene products manufacturers in China, we provide health and hygiene innovative products worldwide. The company is experienced, knowledgeable, and aggressively seeking potential market and service opportunities. We are dedicated to providing various services. 

At ZHEJIANG B.I. Industrial, We offer you a great selection of sanitary napkins, panty liners, baby diapers, adult diapers, disposable underpads, wet wipes, makeup removing pads, and cleaning liquid, etc. along with good quality and competitive prices. We are your best innovative supplier of all your hygiene needs.

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