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As a professional women's sanitary napkin manufacturer, Zhejiang BI is specialized in manufacturing high level, eco-friendly, safe, and healthy feminine hygiene products.

We provide more than 10 types of comfort sanitary napkins, including corn PLA biodegradable sanitary napkin, organic cotton sanitary napkin, organic sanitary pads, pure silk sanitary napkin, anion sanitary napkin, bamboo fiber sanitary napkin, bamboo charcoal sanitary napkin, unbleached bamboo fiber sanitary napkin, tea polyphenols sanitary napkin, 100% cotton sanitary napkin, non-woven sanitary napkin, negative oxygen sanitary napkin.

Welcome to buy the above-mentioned soft sanitary napkins according to your own needs!

Types of Sanitary Pads

How to choose sanitary pads

Different sanitary pads for sale

Hygienic sanitary pads is a kind of absorbent material. As a qualified women's sanitary napkin manufacturer in China, our sanitary napkin pad is made by high molecular polymer and high molecular polymer composite paper. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage. Because it will present a certain angle with the sanitary napkin body when in use, it is easier to rub against the groin area, so female sanitary napkins with soft material sides are more favored by women. Dry mesh sanitary napkins refer to menstrual pads made of various perforated films as raw materials for the surface layer of menstrual towels, which are mainly polyethylene, commonly known as PE film; Sanitary napkins made of woven materials are mainly polypropylene; PP pure cotton sanitary napkins refer to sanitary napkins made of pure cotton material on the surface of the sanitary napkin, which is mainly pure cotton non-woven fabric.


How to use hygienic sanitary pads

For the sanitary napkin with wing on both sides, just tear open the packaging bag, take out the sanitary napkin and unfold it, and then tear off the paper tape on the back of the sanitary napkin pads, align the glued side of the sanitary napkin with the crotch of the panties and stick it on the panties, and the hygienic sanitary pads is ready. For another type of sanitary napkin pad with the wing on each side. The usage of this sanitary napkin is to open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, and tear off the paper tape in the middle. Because of the adhesive adhesion of the bottom of the sanitary napkin and the fixing of the wing from both sides, the sanitary napkin will be firmly adhered to the panty. At the bottom, it is more difficult to move during activities.How to choose sanitary pads.

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