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  As a professional women's sanitary napkin manufacturer, Zhejiang BI is specialized in manufacturing high level, eco-friendly, safe, and healthy feminine hygiene products.

  Zhejiang BI sanitary napkin pad is made of high molecular polymer and high molecular polymer composite paper. The side design is mainly used to prevent side leakage. Because it will present a certain angle with the sanitary napkin body when in use, it is easier to rub against the groin area, so female sanitary napkins with soft material sides are more favored by women. We provide more than 10 types of comfort sanitary napkins, including corn PLA biodegradable sanitary napkin, organic cotton sanitary napkin, organic sanitary pads, pure silk sanitary napkin, anion sanitary napkin, bamboo fiber sanitary napkin, bamboo charcoal sanitary napkin, unbleached bamboo fiber sanitary napkin, tea polyphenols sanitary napkin, 100% cotton sanitary napkin, non-woven sanitary napkin, negative oxygen sanitary napkin.

  Welcome to buy the above-mentioned soft sanitary napkins according to your own needs!

Types of Generic Sanitary Napkin Pad

Different Types of Sanitary Napkins/Pads/Towels

Sanitary napkins are necessary items for women. They can provide women with good protection during menstruation. Sanitary napkins have different types according to different situations. Let’s study how many ranges of sanitary napkins. 

1. Based On Length 

There are mainly four types of sanitary napkins differed from length, which are day time pads, night pads, extra long pads, and pantyliner. 

If divided by length, BI offers day time pads with length 195mm, 210mm, 240mm, 260mm and 280mm pads. 

195mm and 210mm pads are called mini pads or teenager pads, you could use at the beginning or end of period. 

Night pads are 280mm, 320mm, 330mm and 420mm. Our 420mm pads are extra long series, which could provide better protection during your special time. 

Pantyliner range includes 140mm, 150mm, 180mm. 

2. Based On Top Sheet Materials 

Sanitary napkins are mainly composed by three layers, top sheet layer,  absorption core and bottom layer. Therefore, with different top sheet materials, sanitary napkins can also be classified.

A) Top dry pads: with PE top sheet

B) Top cotton: with non-woven materials, which is cotton soft. 

C) Pure cotton top: materials are natural, and made of pure cotton.

In Zhejiang BI, you could find different types of sanitary napkins with different quality. We could customize quality according to your requirement. So, if any interest, welcome to contact us!  

How To Use Hygienic Sanitary Pads

For the sanitary napkin with a wing on both sides, just tear open the packaging bag, take out the sanitary napkin and unfold it, and then tear off the paper tape on the back of the sanitary napkin pads, align the glued side of the sanitary napkin with the crotch of the panties and stick it on the panties, and the hygienic-sanitary pads are ready. For another type of sanitary napkin pad with a wing on each side. The usage of this sanitary napkin is to open the package, take out the sanitary napkin, and tear off the paper tape in the middle. Because of the adhesive adhesion of the bottom of the sanitary napkin and the fixing of the wing from both sides, the sanitary napkin will firmly adhere to the panty. At the bottom, it is more difficult to move during activities. 

How To Choose Sanitary Or Pads For Your Sensitive Skin

Ladies with sensitive skin are always careful when they choose skincare products, cosmetics as well as sanitary or pads. If there is irritability, rash, redness or pruritus happened, it does bring discomfort to you. Do you suffer a similar experience when you are using a pad? If had it, let’s study together how to choose sanitary pads for your sensitive skin. 

Pads are made from different layers of raw materials, What are the common components in sanitary pads? 

Top Sheet

The top sheet of a pad is directly in contact with your skin. Normally, the material of the top sheet is non-woven which is not a natural material. 

For sensitive skin, you’d better choose a 100% natural top sheet. Cotton is breathable and air circulation to your skin. Cotton is very soft and decreases friction with the skin. If you are sensitive skin, 100% cotton top pads will be a perfect choice. 

Bottom Sheet 

It’s important to choose a soft and breathable bottom sheet. The bottom sheet sticks to your underwear and it will touch your skin as well. Same as a top sheet, most of the pads in the market are with PE back sheet. You could choose the Eco bottom sheet which is made from corn.

Absorption Core 

The absorption core is the main part to absorb liquid which is between the top sheet and bottom sheet. The main material of the absorption core is made from fluff pulp and super absorption polymer. There is also a 100% cotton core for the better safety of sensitive skin. 

Without Fragrance 

Some manufacturers will add fragrance into their pads for odor control. If you are with sensitive skin, do not choose pads with fragrance. 

Important tip: do remember to change pads frequently to avoid them becoming too moist and increasing skin irritation. 

We are able to provide natural pads for sensitive skins, do feel free to contact us for more details! 

Proper Way To Storage Fem Sanitary Pads

Many women usually buy more sanitary napkins at home for emergencies. However, many people may ignore a problem which is the shelf life of sanitary napkins. So how long can the sanitary napkin be stored? And tips to storage sanitary pads/towels? 

1. Don’t Storage Too Many Sanitary Pads At Home 

When there is a sales promotion activity, lots of people prefer to buy more pads. But how many people notice the shelf life of pads? 

Normally, the shelf life of the pad is three years from the production date. Generally speaking, a pack of sanitary pads can be used up within one physiological cycle. Therefore, household sanitary pads are rarely expired. It is worth noting that when purchasing sanitary napkins(pads), pay attention to the production date and do not buy expired sanitary napkins.

2. Use Up Opened Pads Soon 

The three-year shelf life mentioned above refers to the sanitary napkin that has not been opened. After the sanitary napkin is opened, the service cycle is shortened. It is recommended to use it within three months, otherwise, it will cause the production of the sanitary napkin to deteriorate and affect the use effect.

3. Where To Storage Pads 

Sanitary napkins should be stored in a dry and sealed place to prevent moisture and dust, such as boxes, dust bags, etc. Moreover, sanitary napkins should not be stored with wallets, underwear, socks, etc. to prevent pollution.

The Steps and Precautions of Using Female Pads 

After years of using sanitary pads, do you really know how to use them? Or are you ashamed to talk about your period with your parents? This article will tell you the steps and precautions of using sanitary napkins in detail. Let's take a look!

1. Wingless Pads

Step 1: When you enter the bathroom, don't be in a hurry to start unwrapping your sanitary napkins. It's important to wash your hands first! It's scary to think about the amount of germs that accumulate on your hands with all the things you touch throughout the day. If you don't want to irritate your skin, remember to wash your hands first.

Step 2: Once you've washed your hands, we can tear open our sanitary napkin and unfold it from this single-sided adhesive tape.


Step 3: Tear off the wrapper of the sanitary napkin, but don't throw it away yet, it will be of great use later.


Step 4: Once the wrapper has been removed, we can see the adhesive backing on the back of the sanitary napkin.


Step 5: Place the sanitary napkin with the adhesive backing facing downwards on your underwear.


Step 6: Remember the wrapper you left behind? This is the time to roll up the sanitary napkins we have used and wrap them in it.

2. Fem Pads With Wings

Step 1: Clean our hands of course.

Step 2: Tear open our sanitary napkin and unfold it from this single-sided adhesive tape.


Step 3: Tear off wrapper of the sanitary napkin and also don't throw it right away.


Step 4: Once the wrapper is removed, we can see the adhesive backing on the back of the sanitary napkin.


Step 5: Place the sanitary napkin with the adhesive backing facing downwards on your underwear.


Step 6: Peel off the single-sided adhesive at the wings, unfold it and stick it to the outside of your underwear.


Step 7: Finally, again with the backing film, roll up the previously used sanitary napkin and dispose of it in the bin.

To Remember: Change your sanitary napkin every two hours for better hygiene and dryness.

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