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Baby Diapers

Wholesale Baby Cloth Diapers Manufacturer in China


Zhejiang BI is one of the certified baby diapers manufacturers in China, producing different types of cloth baby diapers, including ultra-thin baby diapers, bamboo nature maxi baby diapers, eco-friendly disposable diapers of different sizes and materials.

Those good diapers we provide give the better fit and comfort for active babies, and their soft material cares for the baby's skin, and the use of high-quality super absorbent materials to lock the liquid and keep the surface dry.

Types of Baby Diapers

The production technology of baby diapers

The core key technology of baby diapers has experienced three revolutions so far. Diapers are products that can be discarded after one-time use. It is made of non-woven fabric, toilet paper, fluff pulp, polymer water-absorbing resin, PE film, rubber band and other materials. There are two types for infants and adults. The newly developed environmentally-friendly and degradable diapers are made of raw materials extracted from corn fiber, soybean fiber or buckwheat fiber.

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We offer a variety of Hygiene Products, such as sanitary pads, baby diapers, pull ups, disposable underpad, and cutton products, etc.

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