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As one of the certified panty liners manufacturers, Zhejiang BI is specialized in manufacturing different types of panty liners.

We produce more than 10 types of panty liners underwear, including everyday panty liners, thin reusable panty liners, ultra-thin panty liners, overnight panty liners, extra-long panty liners with wings, organic cotton panty liners reusable, pure cotton panty liners, incontinence pads for thongs, absorbent panty liners, long cloth panty liners.

We believe that with our good panty liners, even those annoying days will be as comfortable as usual.

Types of Panty Liners

FAQ of Female Sanitary Panty Liners

What is the purpose of panty liners

Before and after the menstrual period, women do not have much menstrual blood. Then the traditional sanitary napkin will be a bit wasteful. Therefore panty liners come out to solve this problem and avoid dirty pantiliners. Sanitary panty liners are smaller and thinner and they will not have such a strong foreign body sensation. Women leucorrhea is more during the ovulatory period. Sometimes there are symptoms of ovulation bleeding. Then panty liners can lower the suffering and prevent the dirty from panty napkin. Women suffer from gynecological diseases which can cause a certain smell. In this case, panty liners will be helpful.

How often should we change our panty liners

The panty liners pad is suitable for women before and after the menstrual period. At this time, there are more or less bloody secretions, which can easily stain the underwear; if you use a feminine panty liner at this time, it is undoubtedly very stuffy. At this time, you can use the panty liners with wings to protect the underwear and avoid getting it. dirty. Some women like to use pads during non-menstrual periods, because it is soft and comfortable, the pad needs to be replaced frequently, preferably within 1-2 hours.

What is the difference between pad and panty liner

The main difference between a female sanitary napkin pad and a women's panty liner underwear. The panty shields small and thin. Menstrual blood can easily leak on the pants. The female panty napkin linear can be used every day. Sanitary napkins are generally larger and are used during menstruation. Even mini sanitary napkins are only reduced in size, but they can absorb more menstrual blood than pads. The pad can be used in normal times when there is more vaginal discharge. Use sanitary napkins for more menstrual flow and sanitary pads for less menstrual flow.

Can you sleep with a panty liner?

Panty liner can be used as you are sleeping in a small amount of secret. But it is advisable to use a sanitary panty liner in the menstrual period. A better alternative for women is clean toilet paper, which doesn't breathe as well as panty pads. If there are no secretions or normal leucorrhea secretions, it is not recommended to use panty pads, because panty liners are airtight and easily breed a lot of bacteria. It is easy to get gynecological inflammation if women always sleep with a sanitary panty liner. This habit of using panty pads is unhealthy for the female body.

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