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Biodegradable Cotton Buds Manufacturer in China


Zhejiang BI is a certified supplier of biodegradable cotton cleaning buds in china, manufacturing different types of reusable cotton buds, including plastic stick cotton buds, wooden cotton buds, paper stick cotton buds, and bamboo cotton buds. Our cotton buds uses : makeup cotton buds, medical cotton buds, cotton ear buds 100 sticks.

Our biodegradable cotton buds are soft and gentle, suitable for delicate skin, and have the feature of natural absorption by 100% pure cotton which is an ideal choice for your daily application and makeup removal. 

Cotton Bud Sterile Types

Biodegradable Cotton Buds FAQs

What is cotton cleaning buds used for?

Cotton cleaning buds are widely used, such as cleaning certain parts of the human body. For example, if you want to clean your ears, cotton ear buds 100 sticks will be a good choice.The cotton bud spiral can also be used for wiping if it is injured,like medical cotton buds. Good natural cotton buds are designed to suit children's use. The materials of bud cotton must be safe, no fluorescent agent is necessary, and cotton needs to be soft and comfortable. Children's cotton swabs are mainly used for babies to clean the dirt in the folds of the belly button, especially newborns who need this kind of care. Cotton bud spiral can remove the dirt accumulated in the earholes; clean the secretions in the nasal cavity; can also wipe the eye dirt in the corners of the eyes, etc.

How to use natural cotton buds?

Medical cotton buds can directly treat wounds. But be careful to store the alcohol cotton buds in a room with a relative humidity of no more than 80%, no corrosive gas, and well-ventilated, avoiding high temperatures. Medical cotton buds generally come into direct contact with the wound of the patient, which requires relatively high sterilization procedures. In addition, for the selection of absorbent cotton raw materials for making cotton swabs, raw materials that meet the requirements of national and industry standards must be selected. There is also the requirement for the quality of the bar, whether it is a plastic bar, a paper bar, or a wooden bar, it should meet the specified requirements and be able to withstand a certain external force without permanent deformation or breaking.

What are biodegradable cotton buds?

Biodegradable cotton buds are a kind of cotton bud swabs that are made from biodegradable bamboo and soft cotton. Instead of traditional plastic-stemmed cotton buds, biodegradable cotton buds are more friendly to our environment. After the usage of biodegradable cotton buds, you can dispose of the cotton buds in your organic waste or compost, and the packaging is made of recycled cardboard. Beyond that, nonplastic cotton buds and recyclable cotton buds are safer for human health. To make your bathroom regime even greener, try to use these reusable cotton swabs.

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