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How to Choose a High-quality Cotton Pad?

How to Choose a High-quality Cotton Pad?


When choosing a cotton pad, its touch and elasticity are the primary factors to determine. It should be soft to the touch and stretchy. Because the cotton pad is sensitive to light, including the lights in the store, it may damage its quality, so when buying cotton pads, if they are displayed in a row, do not take the first one, but the back, because the latter cotton pads don't get a lot of "sunbathing". Another most practical way to identify is to fold the cotton pads in half and rub each other. If the lint falls off after a few rubs, of course it cannot be used.

1. The feel of the cotton pad

For direct contact with the skin, natural cotton is the best material, and the touch should be soft and comfortable; at the same time, the addition of any chemical substances, such as fluorescent agents, should be avoided. The size of the cotton pad should be handled correctly. The index finger and ring finger are used to place the facial cotton pad on the middle finger. This action is the most convenient to control the force and direction. The length of each finger is different. Just take it. The thickness should be moderate. Do not use too thin cotton pads for fear of wasting skin care products. The cotton pad used for skin care must be at least 3 cm thick, so that the amount of lotion absorbed when wiping is sufficient, not only the skin feels very comfortable, but also will not cause irritation to the skin due to repeated friction, such as insufficient thickness of the cotton pad , two or more tablets can be used in combination. The cotton pads are dense enough that they won't break when you wipe the skin, causing the batt to fall off or remain. Before use, gently pull the cotton pad with your hand to test, and the cotton pad that is easily torn indicates that the density is not enough.

2. The smell of cotton pads

Because it is in direct contact with the facial skin, avoid the addition of any chemicals, such as bleach, because chemical residues in the cotton pad may dissolve when exposed to moisture. Natural cotton pads should have a faint cotton smell and should be discontinued if there is any scent. If conditions permit, you can do a small experiment at home. Use a lighter to ignite a piece of cotton pads for eyes, and then blow it out. The smell of the cotton pad with chemical substances is pungent. A high-quality cotton pad should have the smell of natural grass and wood ash.

3. Visually select cotton pads

Cotton pads for eyes that are too thin will not absorb enough lotion when wiping, and the skin will feel very uncomfortable. Excessive friction will irritate the skin. When the thickness of the cotton pads is insufficient, you can use two pieces together. A cotton pad that looks relatively thin may break when wiping, and wipe the entire face with cotton wool, which will be quite embarrassing.

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