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Zhejiang BI is a certified pull-up for adults supplier in china, manufacturing different types of pull-up briefs for adults, including ultra-thin adult pull-ups, and maxi adult pull-ups of different sizes and materials. Our adult pull-ups wholesale are suitable for people who can't move. 

The soft and comfortable elastic waistbands of BI bulk pull-ups provide a firm fit for those who need protection to prevent bladder or intestinal leakage.

China Adult Pull Up Diapers Wholesale

What Are Adult Pull-Up Diapers?

Adult pull-up diaper underwears are panty-style diapers with an elastic, stretchy waistband that are more suitable for people who can move around. For people who can move on their own, incontinence pull-up briefs are lightweight and patients can wear them during the day for some daily activities.

For the pull-up briefs, their appearance, and underwear of the same size, after wearing completely invisible, absorbent flow is good, three-dimensional protection circumference does not side leakage, very beneficial for patients with minor fecal incontinence applications.

Incontinence Pads Pull Ups Advantages

For those who can move on their own, incontinence pull-up briefs for adults are very lightweight and patients can exercise on their own during the day in pull-ups. It is very beneficial for patients with mild incontinence. It can be said that pull-ups for grown-ups are an extended version of diapers, especially in summer, and they are less bulky and easier to change than diapers.

How To Choose The Right Pull-Up Diapers For Adults Wholesale?

When choosing bulk pull-ups for adults, You can pick from two aspects: appearance and internal material

Adults Pull-Up Diapers Appearance:

  • make sure to choose the one that suits your customers' needs. In particular, the elastic slots in the legs and waist should not be too tight, otherwise, the skin of users will be strangled.

  • An effectiveleak-proof design can prevent urine from leaking out. Compared to babies, adults urinate more. Thus, unlike choosing wholesale baby diapers for sale, choosing incontinence pull-up briefs for adults should pay more attention to the leak-proof design, i.e., the pleated edge on the inner thigh and leak-proof pleated edge on the waist, which can effectively prevent leakage when the amount of urine is too much.

  • The edge of the adhesive function should be good. The adhesive should be able to stick to the incontinence pull-ups and not fall off automatically when it is in use, and it can be repeatedly pasted even after the pull-up briefs are unfastened, and it will not be loosened and fall off even if the patient turns over and changes position.

Adults Pull-Up Diapers Internal Materials:

When one chooses adult diaper underwear, one must consider the specificity of individual skin sensitivity difference degree, and after selecting the right size diapers, the following aspects should be considered.

  • The adults pull-up diapers should be soft, non-allergenic, and contain skincare ingredients.

  • The incontinence pads pull-ups should have super absorbent power.

  • Choose bulk pull-up briefs with high breathability. When the ambient temperature increases, the temperature of the skin is difficult to control. If the moisture and heat cannot be properly permeated, heat rash and diaper rash can easily occur.

BI China Adult Pull-Up Diapers Absorbency

Due to the polymer (SAP) contained in its absorbent layer, pull-up underwear for adults can absorb dozens of times their own weight in liquid volume, and the absorption rate is fast and not easy to permeate. As a professional wholesale adult pull-up diapers manufacturer in China, BI offers quality disposable pull-up nappies for adults with an absorption volume of up to 800-1000ml.

BI China Adult Pull-Up Diapers Anti-Leak Guards

Innovative lozenge shape gridding on the acquisition layer of BI pull-up diapers for adults wholesale can spread the liquid fast and equably. And its innovative 3 layers-locking liquid design can effectively avoid wetness. An innovative “V” style isolated layer can lock liquid firmly, close off wet, and avoid leakage.

Unique Design

Pull Up Diapers For Adults Wholesale FAQs

What Are The Best Bulk Pull-Ups For Adults?

There are no right answers for the best adult pull-ups. When it comes to selecting delightful China adult pull up diapers, here are some choices you can make depending on your own needs.

- The old man is sick in bed for a long time and cannot go to the toilet for a long time. Then it is advisable to use pull-up diapers for elderly.

- After giving birth, the blood fluid is much for a puerpera. The operation under the leakage belt needs to lie in bed or the movement is difficult. Then women's incontinence pull-up pants with  tabs and plus sizes are preferable under this circumstance.

- People who are paralysis and semi-paralysis or patients with mobility difficulties may more likely to select extra absorbent diapers for adults and maximum absorbency diapers.

What's the difference between adult pull ups and adult diapers?

There is still a big difference between adult pull-up pants and adult diapers. Generally speaking, adult pull-up pants and diapers are suitable for different people. Adult diapers are more suitable for bedridden patients because they are inconvenient to move around in bed. After putting on diapers, it is more to absorb water, which is safe and hygienic. The adult pull-up pants are suitable for people who can't move. For this group of people, the pull-up pants are also very light, and the properties of the pull-up pants are the same as the underwear. Very good, very practical for patients with mild incontinence. In addition, the way of putting on and taking off adult pull-up pants and diapers is also different. Generally, adult diapers are worn by letting the user lie flat, then spread the diaper under the body, and put the diaper around the user's stalls, and then adjust Stick on the belly, then open the adhesive buckle on the diaper and stick it on.

How Do Adult Pull Ups Work?

Adult diaper underwear usually consists of the common surface non-woven fabric, middle layer absorbent body, and bottom leak-proof film. The ability of the adult pull-ups to absorb water is mainly due to the polymeric absorbent resin (SAP) hidden in the absorbent layer of the diaper. This polymer is non-toxic, harmless, and odorless, it belongs to biodegradable organic substances and will not be harmful to the skin. This polymer can absorb urine instantly; it can absorb hundreds of times more water than its own weight, and it is not easy to squeeze out after absorbing water. It does not back-bleed after absorption and keeps the skin in a dry state.

How To Put Pull On Underwear On?

Incontinence pull up briefs are relatively easy to put on, unlike diapers. The steps to put them on are just like wearing underwear, first, roll up the edge of the waist and put them on directly.

How To Take Adults In Pull Ups Off?

It is also very easy to take off incontinence pads pull-ups. Just peel off the adhesive tape on both sides after use and take them off like underwear.

Who Should Use Adult Diaper Underwear?

Elderly people who are bedridden for a long time and cannot go to the toilet for a long time due to inconvenient urination and defecation; women who have just given birth and have a lot of menstrual blood; those who need to be bedridden or have difficulty in moving around due to the operation of the collapsed belt; those who are incontinent, paralyzed or semi-paralyzed and patients with difficulty in moving around.

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