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Adult Pull Ups

Wholesale Pull Ups For Adults Supplier in China


Zhejiang BI is a certified pull-up for adults supplier in china, manufacturing different types of adult pull-ups, including ultra-thin adult pull-ups, maxi adult pull-ups of different sizes and materials. The adult pull-up pants are suitable for people who can't move. 

The soft and comfortable elastic waistbands of our adult pull-ups provide a firm fit for those who need protection to prevent bladder or intestinal leakage.

Types of Adult Pull Ups

What’s the difference between adult pull ups and adult diapers

There is still a big difference between adult pull-up pants and adult diapers. Generally speaking,adult pull-up pants and diapers are suitable for different people. Adult diapers are more suitable for bedridden patients, because they are inconvenient to move around in bed. After putting on diapers, it is more to absorb water, which is safe and hygienic. The adult pull-up pants are suitable for people who can’t move. For this group of people, the pull-up pants are also very light, and the properties of the pull-up pants are the same as the underwear. Very good, very practical for patients with mild incontinence. In addition, the way of putting on and taking off adult pull-up pants and diapers is also different. Generally, adult diapers are worn by letting the user lie flat, then spread the diaper under the body, and put the diaper around the user’s stalls, and then adjust Stick on the belly, then open the adhesive buckle on the diaper and stick it on.

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