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Disposable Underpads

Disposable Underpads Manufacturer in China


Zhejiang BI is a certified female and children products manufacturer, manufacturing different types of premium underpads at a competitive price, including baby disposable underpads, incontinence disposable underpads, and pet disposable underpads.

We provide bed protection underpads of different sizes with different absorption and capacity to meet the needs of different patients, and they have super water absorption, which keeps the surface of the product dry while keeping patients' skin relatively dry.

Types of Disposable Underpads

How to use disposable baby underpads

In summer, you need to pay attention to ventilation and turning over when using a changing mat. If you lie down on a bed with a changing mat for a long time, it may cause eczema on your baby's skin. If the changing pad becomes wet, it needs to be changed and washed immediately, and it can be used after washing and drying.

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We offer a variety of Hygiene Products, such as sanitary pads, baby diapers, pull ups, disposable underpad, and cutton products, etc.

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