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Zhejiang BI's round cotton pads bulk are soft and comfortable which are very suitable for gently sweeping away makeup, dirt, sunscreen, and sweat from your skin. 

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 Round Cotton Pads Bulk Feature

  • 100% pure cotton

  • Soft and comfortable

  • High absorption

  • Used for make-up remover or hydropathic compress

Round Cotton Pads Bulk Specification


grid cosmetic cotton pads






24bags in one carton

size of carton





30days after design confirmed


pure absorbent cotton





What Are Round Cotton Pads Used For?

Round cotton pads are bought by almost every girl who will do daily skin care as well as makeup, and are generally used to remove makeup, but the uses of cotton pads are much more than that.

1, The most common use for the round cotton pads bulk is allocated with makeup remover, to remove makeup or nail polish

2, You can also use cotton rounds bulk on the face for a hydrating wet compress role

3, Allocated with lipstick, you can give your lips a care

4, Besides, cotton pads bulk can also be a disposable powder puff

5, Perfect for applying cosmetics, creams, oils, lotions, and astringents

round cotton pads bulk

How do you use round pads?

The main use of round cotton pads bulk is to remove makeup. To use it, we first pour toner on the circular cotton pad to soak it. Then, gently pat the entire face from the inside out, from bottom to top. Start with your nose and rub it horizontally, so that you can exfoliate the aging skin and clean it thoroughly at the same time. If you want to use round cotton pads for wet compresses to hydrate, it is also very simple. Again, first, dip the wholesale round cotton pads into the make-up water and apply it partially on the cheeks or around the eyes for 5-10 minutes to get the effect of hydration.

Premium Cotton Round Technology

Our premium cotton rounds are made of 100% premium cotton and are layered to give you a cloud-like feel.

We can customize different embossed designs to meet your needs, both for silky smoothness and deep cleaning.

.The deeper embossing is more suitable for use when removing makeup to ensure a clean effect on the face.

.The smoother embossing is suitable for daily wet hydration, moisturizing the skin without losing the skin's stratum corneum.

round cotton pads bulk

Cotton Pads Bulk FAQ
Which cotton pad is best for face?

First of all, must choose pure cotton! Chemical fiber is not soft enough to touch the face directly. Secondly, to remove makeup to choose a thick model, two layers of tight cotton sheets sandwich a layer of soft cotton wool. The thin section of the cotton rounds in bulk is more suitable for wet compresses.

Are you a factory or trading company?

We are a professional cotton pads manufacturer with export and import license, and we support round cotton pads bulk.

Can I use my own brand?

Yes, OEM and ODM are available in BI. We could customize quality with your request.

Do you have any MOQ?

Yes, MOQ of cotton rounds bulk is 10000bags.

Round Cotton Pads Bulk Reviews

I use a reusable cotton pad to apply my skincare and remove my makeup But I don't always have time to wash them. I recently received these simply soft cotton rounds to try out and they have come in so handy! I travel quite a bit in the summer so I have been using them nonstop. 


These cotton rounds are so convenient for multiple functions. I have used them to remove nail polish, to apply toner in my skincare routine and to soothe wounds. These absorb a lot of liquid and don't fall apart, they are very good quality.


I use these things for everything! I love that they don't leave any fibers behind. I use them on my nails and for removing my makeup the most. A package seems to last forever. I'd highly recommend to anyone!

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