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Single Sachet Wet Wipes

Wholesale Single Sachet Wet Wipes Supplier

Single Sachet Wet Wipes

Single sachet wet wipes become more and more popular now, our machine can produce sachet wipes for different function. Wipes material is spunalce non-woven, we also can use pure cotton spunlace, airlaid, pulp paper and so on.

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Specification Of Single Sachet Wet Wipes


Non-woven fabric/Thermbond/Lint-free paper/Hydrophilic spunlace, etc.




Scented or unscented(Perfum type: Green tea/Lemon/Orange/Apple/Aloe/Chamomile etc.


1-120pcs/pack(resealable pack with/without lid, box, tube, barrel, flow wrap, canister, etc)






30days after receive deposit

FAQ of Single Sachet Wet Wipes
Can we use our formula?

Yes, we can and we also will help to check the safety of the ingredients for you.

What scents do you have?

We have Aloe, chamomile, apple, lemon, orange and so on, customer also can send scent samples to us and we will make scents as close as we can.

What's your MOQ?

10,000-30,000packs, it is depending on packaging specific requirements.

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