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Ultra Thin Adult Diapers

Wholesale Ultra Thin Adult Diapers Supplier in China


D&M is Zhejiang BI own brand for the adult incontinence series. We have adult open diapers and adult pull-up pants. With different quality, we provide ultra-thin adult diapers and adult pull up pants in our diaper production base. Ultra-thin adult diaper quality could be customized according to different requests. OEM business is always welcome in BI. Our machine could automatically pick out unqualified diapers during production, so our adult diaper quality is ensured. Normally, we could finish 1*40HQ thin adult diapers in one shift. Our thin adult diapers are with high absorption capacity which brings more care for elders, incontinent people and patients after surgery.

Thin Adult Diapers Specification

Total weight(g)81±298±2109±2
Others :
1. Brand: D&M ( OEM is available)
2. Customized Quality: Acceptable
3. Feature: Disposable
4. Materials: non-woven fabric, fluff pulp, SAP, PE film, tissue paper, tape.
5. Suitable for: elderly people, incontinence, patients, etc.
6. Product Name: adult diapers/incontinence diapers/thin adult diapers.

China Thin Adult Diapers Features

China Thin Adult Diapers Features

1) Soft cotton top sheet, comfortable and keep your skin dry.

2) Double absorption core with SAP( super absorption polymer) and imported fluff pulp. SAP can greatly lock liquid.  

3) Double PP/Magic frontal tape to fit better.

4) Breathable soft elastic leakage-proof cuffs and leak guard, body-shaped naturally.

5) Breathable elastic waistband shapes waist perfectly, it will keep the diaper in the position in wet even when you turning over at night.

6) PE/Cloth-like back sheet with/without wetness indicator.

Thin Adult Diapers Absorbency Testing 

1) Rapid absorption

Quick absorption speed to keep dry.   

Thin Adult Diapers Absorbency Testing 1 Thin Adult Diapers Absorbency Testing 1

2) High absorption capacity

Super absorption polymer locks liquid well and provide better rewetness.

Thin Adult Diapers Absorbency Testing 2

3) Double leakage guard 

Provide more safety and reduce side leakage.

Thin Adult Diapers Absorbency Testing 3

Absorption Core: imported fluff pulp and SAP

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We offer a variety of Hygiene Products, such as sanitary pads, baby diapers, pull ups, disposable underpad, and cutton products, etc.

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