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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


Strategic objectives:

Zhejiang B.I. focuses on making due contributions to environmental and social sustainability. Sustainable development is rooted in the hearts of every B.I. people, and it is carried forward in a long-term effort.


1. During the product development, control the amount of raw materials used, reduce material waste and carbon emissions.

2. Improve packaging. Reduce excessive packaging as well as the amount of packaging materials used. Reduce the use of plastics and use more costly, recyclable, and degradable materials.

Women's Sanitary Napkin Pads

3. With a large amount of capital and technology investment, we have developed a full range of biodegradable products, such as biodegradable diapers, biodegradable sanitary napkins, biodegradable mattresses, biodegradable milk pads, etc., to further reduce the use of plastics.

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1. Internal training. Zhejiang B.I. focuses on employee training and conducts internal training for new employees. The training methods include group training, departmental training and company comprehensive training. The training content ranges from corporate systems to business skills, financial knowledge, etc., so that employees can receive professional training in all aspects.

2. External training. Zhejiang B.I. provides third-party professional knowledge training for employees to further improve their business capabilities and work efficiency, and to enhance their competitiveness.

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3. Team building. Zhejiang B.I. organizes team building for employees every year to enhance team cohesion. Meanwhile, employees' family members will be invited to participate, so families can better understand the company's culture and give more support to employees.