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The Era of Women's Health Calls for High-quality Sanitary Napkins

The Era of Women's Health Calls for High-quality Sanitary Napkins


The prevalence rate of women's gynecological diseases is so high that it even exceeds that of colds, and one of the main reasons for gynecological diseases is the use of inferior sanitary napkins. The prevalence rate of women's gynecological diseases is so high that it even exceeds that of colds, and one of the main reasons for gynecological diseases is the use of inferior sanitary napkins. Autumn and winter are the peak seasons for the high incidence and treatment of gynecological diseases. How to prevent gynecological diseases and protect yourself from germs during women's fragile menstrual period, it is very important to choose and use sanitary napkins correctly.

1. Comfortable sanitary napkins and healthy cotton in a healthy era

Women's health has always been an important topic of social concern. With the exposure of some sanitary napkin quality and safety incidents, women's legitimate rights and interests have been violated, and the quality of sanitary napkins has become a hidden worry. At the same time, many professional women need to stay at their desks for a long time due to their work, and their hips bear heavy weight for a long time, which greatly increases the chance of gynecological inflammation. Therefore, it is an urgent need for female consumers to choose sanitary napkins that are both safe and professionally cared for.

In addition to ensuring that the product does not leak, the bottom film of the sanitary napkin should not have too much barrier property, otherwise it will easily cause stuffiness and discomfort. In addition, air permeability is also very important. The use environment of sanitary napkins is relatively closed, and the humid environment and menstrual blood are easy to breed anaerobic bacteria. If the sanitary napkin is not breathable, it will provide a good breeding ground for bacteria and affect women's health.

Different from many "soft" products on the market, comfortable sanitary napkins made of pure cotton can not only make the skin feel softer and more comfortable, not stuffy, but also prevent skin allergies because they do not contain a trace of chemical fiber. Although "soft" or "cotton" feels like "cotton", the chemical fiber material in it may cause skin allergies. This is also one of the reasons why the price of pure cotton is more expensive and the "soft" or "cotton quality" is lower.

In the face of many products with different selling points and functions, the emotional orientation of consumers is uncertain, but the brand image of medical-grade sanitary napkin experts effectively hits the brand memory of consumers. The selection of sanitary napkins often reflects the taste and personality orientation of modern female consumers. Modern women, especially office white-collar workers, are sedentary and their bodies are often in a sub-healthy state. The "medical-grade" concept advocated is in line with modern women's concept of healthy life and coincides with their lifestyle.

2. Hygienic standards of medical grade for comfortable sanitary napkins

At present, the sanitary napkins on the market are mainly ordinary grades, and the finished products meet the hygienic requirements through the control of raw materials and production process. The hygienic standard of comfortable sanitary napkin products needs to reach the medical level, which is higher than that of ordinary sanitary napkins.

The air in the bathroom is humid, which can easily cause the sanitary napkin to be damp and deteriorate, allowing bacteria to invade and multiply. Sanitary napkins are produced in a 100,000-level purified production environment, equipped with sterile standard ethylene oxide disinfection treatment, super absorbent, and odor-removing, coupled with the effective integration of state-secret technologies, to build an invisible protective barrier for menstrual women with weak resistance, which is beneficial to prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria. In addition, sanitary napkins are sealed in a single piece, so they are more conducive to storage and less likely to be contaminated by bacteria. In addition, consumers should also develop the habit of placing sanitary napkins in a dry, dark, clean and hygienic environment.

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