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Be Careful When Using Disinfectant Wipes

Be Careful When Using Disinfectant Wipes


The Market Supervision Bureau introduced that during the epidemic, people have become increasingly aware of personal hygiene and protective equipment, especially disinfecting wipes that are convenient to carry. So, what is the difference between disinfecting wipes and regular hygiene wipes? And how should they be used correctly?

Within the family of tissue products, there are numerous types of wet wipes, each with different standards, performance, and uses. According to the wet wipe standard, wet wipes are divided into two categories: wipes for human use and wipes for object use. The concept of  disinfecting wipes appeared later. According to the industry standard for surface cleaning and disinfection management in medical institutions, it specifically refers to products that are made with non-woven fabrics, fabrics, dust-free paper, or other materials as carriers, purified water as the production water, an appropriate amount of disinfectant and other raw materials, and that have a cleaning and disinfection effect suitable for the human body, the surface of general objects, the surface of medical equipment, and other surfaces.

The difference between hygiene wipes and disinfecting wipes

Different range of uses

Based on industry standards, hygiene wipes are suitable for cleaning and disinfecting hands, skin, mucous membranes, and the surfaces of ordinary objects. The scope of application of disinfecting wipes mainly depends on the group standard issued by the National Health Supervision Association. This type of wet wipe is also suitable for disinfecting hands and intact skin but not suitable for mucous membranes. Furthermore, they are more suitable for disinfecting environmental surfaces, medical equipment surfaces with moderate to low risk, and medical supplies surfaces.

Different target requirements

Combining the above standards, it can be found that the microbial indicators of the two types of wipes are slightly different. Pathogenic bacteria include Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Streptococcus hemolyticus.

The two types of wipes also have different microbial killing indicators

According to relevant standards, hygiene wipes require a ≥90% kill rate for E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus. If it indicates that it has a fungicidal effect, it should have a kill rate of ≥90% for Candida albicans; if it indicates that it has a sterilizing effect on other microorganisms, it should have a kill rate of ≥90% for the corresponding microorganisms.

Can disinfecting wipes kill novel coronavirus?

The novel coronavirus belongs to the β-coronavirus family, which is sensitive to ultraviolet light and temperature. Ethyl ether, 75% ethanol, chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid, and chloroform can all inactivate viruses. In theory, disinfecting wipes containing the above ingredients can be effective against viruses. However, it should be noted that ethyl ether and chloroform do not belong to the category of disinfectant products; chlorine-containing disinfectants and peracetic acid are highly oxidative substances that corrode and irritate the human body and metals. It is not suitable for daily disinfection of environmental surfaces. 75% ethanol is flammable and explosive, and it is not suitable for large-scale disinfection of ordinary object surfaces.

Precautions when using disinfecting wipes

Although some disinfecting wipes are effective against the novel coronavirus, incorrect use can also have the opposite effect. According to the disinfection management standards, the usage concentration and action time of cheap disinfecting wipes for environmental disinfection must strictly follow the product instructions. According to relevant standards, the disinfection time for hygiene hands with disinfecting wipes should be ≤ 1 minute, and the action time for the surface of objects should be ≤ 15 minutes.

Finally, when choosing disinfecting wipes, pay attention to the product instructions and shelf life. Try to choose small or independent packaging disinfecting wipes. Large packaging wipes have a longer use time, which may cause the effective ingredients to volatilize, greatly reducing the disinfection effect of the wipes.

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