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How Much Do You Know About Cotton Cosmetic Pads?

How Much Do You Know About Cotton Cosmetic Pads?


The cosmetic cotton pad is often used when we make up or remove makeup. It can be seen that cosmetic cotton is very important to us, so many people pay great attention when choosing cosmetic cotton, but many people don't know how to choose a good cotton pad, so how to choose a cotton pad? What are the specific techniques of makeup cotton and its usage?

Ⅰ. Selection method of cosmetic cotton pads

When buying cotton pads, it is best to try them at the counter to observe the texture, thickness and integrity of the cotton pads after use. Generally speaking, high-quality cotton pads are made of materials comparable to medical cotton, and the thickness should be slightly thicker. After use, they will basically not deform, do not contain cotton dust, and are not easy to stick to the skin.

Ⅱ. Cosmetic cotton pad and its usage skills

1. Cotton pads are afraid of light

Because the cosmetic cotton pad is afraid of light, including the lights in the store, it may damage its quality, so when buying cosmetic cotton pad, if it is displayed in a row, don't take the first one, but take the back. Fold the cotton pads in half and rub each other. If the cotton dust falls off without rubbing a few times, it should be avoided.

2. The correct way to take

Use the index finger and ring finger to clamp the cotton pad on the middle finger. This action is the most convenient to control the force and direction. Everyone's finger length is different, and it's better to hold it easily.

3. Wipe the eyelid face

You can fold the face cotton pad into a triangle shape, which not only can reach the most difficult areas, but also prevents fibers from falling into the eyes. For such a small part as the nasal groove, you should gently wipe it with your ring finger. The key point is not to move quickly. When wiping the cheeks, the cotton pad should slowly move from the inside of the cheeks to the temples.

4. Makeup remover is light and does not wipe

When removing makeup, two or more cotton pads can be stacked together, and then poured with makeup remover water or milk. Apply to the key makeup areas such as eye makeup for a few minutes, and then wipe gently. Repeated wiping on the face will irritate the skin and cause wrinkles. Don't just use a little to save on makeup remover products.

5. Emergency eye mask

Facial cotton pads can also be used as an emergency facial mask or eye mask. Soak a cotton pad with moisturizing or whitening lotion, and apply it on the eye area or the required parts for 5-10 minutes. Wipe the skin of the face and hands with a cotton pad after applying the face, and carry out the maintenance to the end.

Ⅲ. How to use cotton pads without hurting the skin?

When using cotton pads, you must pay attention to the gentle technique. Except for makeup removal, most maintenance procedures should try to avoid rubbing the skin hard when using cotton pads, so as not to scratch the stratum corneum, causing inflammation and skin lesions.

1. Secondary cleaning

After cleansing, pour cleansing water on a cotton pad, gently wipe according to the direction of skin texture and pore growth, and then massage in circles on the forehead, chin, nose and other parts with thicker cuticles to help clean pores.

2. Soft horny

Pour toner or high-performance water on a cotton pad, and gently pat the skin at a slightly faster frequency to promote moisture to penetrate into the skin, help soften the stratum corneum, and promote the penetration of subsequent skin care products. After patting, use the other side of the cotton pad to press the skin for a few seconds to give the skin a pressure and make the lotion moisturize the bottom of the skin.

3. Apply lotion

Applying lotion with a cotton pad will prevent excess oil from sitting on the skin's surface and clogging pores. Before applying, pour the lotion on the cotton pad, fold the cotton pad in half to blend the lotion and the cotton pad, then use the same sunscreen as the cleanser to wipe the skin, and finally don't forget to apply it on the neck from bottom to top.

4. Water mask

Fully soak the cotton pad with non-alcoholic toner, then tear the cotton pad into thin slices according to the order of the texture of the cotton wool, apply it on the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin, and take it off after 3 to 5 minutes.

5. Intensive blemishes

Take a little more lotion to soak the cotton pad, then apply the whitening essence on the cotton pad, and apply it to the area with spots on the face, which can help accelerate the penetration of the blemish ingredients in whitening products, and achieve an intensive freckle repair effect.

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