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How Sanitary Napkins Are Made

How Sanitary Napkins Are Made


Sanitary napkin is used during women special period time, which categorizes from length by liners, day pads, night pads, extra pads, etc.. If sorted by materials, it can differ from various materials like top cotton, organic cotton top, dry top sheet, etc.. 

The Importance of Sanitary Napkin Production in Women's Health Care 

If a women starts menarche at age 14 and menopause at age 55, a woman typically menstruates for 41 years. If a period is calculated in 5 days, and a women use 6 pads per day, then a woman will use about 15,000pcs during her whole life. As a fixed consumption for half of a lifetime, most women prefer to bulk buy cotton pads in advance to save money and avoid running out of them unexpectedly. Therefore, the quality of sanitary napkins is self-evident to women. Thus, the production safety is very important for the whole industrial which is vital for women’s health. During production, we should pay attention to hygienic issue, material safety and product quality to ensure qualified products in the market. 

Raw Materials Used in Sanitary Napkin Production

Sanitary napkins comprises of several material layers in which each layer has its function and quality requirement. For each production materials, we have to ensure the quality before production. And the materials mainly include top layer, absorption core layer, bottom layer and wrapper. We will introduce briefly by layer. 

1)Top sheet 

It is the layer which touches skin directly and very important. The common material is non-woven, cotton, PE, etc.. Recent years, bamboo top sheet is also popular in the market. 

2)Absorption core 

The classic type is made by fluff pulp and super absorption polymer. Fluff pulp is plant fiber which locks liquid in fiber space. Super absorption polymer is main material which absorb and lock liquid and keeps top dry. 

The ultra thin type is made by absorption paper which is with higher absorption capacity than classic type by more super absorption polymer inside. This type is preferred by more women because it is thin and keeps dry. 

3)Bottom sheet 

This layer sticks on underwear, which is made by PE film. It is waterproof layer. 

Different steps involved in Sanitary Napkin Production

The production process of sanitary napkins can be divided into the following steps: 

1.Materials preparation

2.Absorption core formation 

3.Each layers of materials running 

4.Lamination of each layers 

5.Wrap and fold 

6.Pad packing into bag and carton 

All materials are automatically run on machine lines in hygienic production workshop. For packing process, there are manual pack for some items. And some packing can semi-automatically or full automatically realize in machine lines. The modernization production site improve the hygienic problems during production and also improve the production efficiency. 

Quality Control of Sanitary Napkin Production

Actually, material quality control is the first steps of inspection during sanitary napkins production. Why we say it is the fisrt step? When manufacturers receives materials, QC staffs will firstly inspect and test materials quality. If materials are not qualified, it will be rejected and returned back to suppliers. In this way, it stops quality problems from the beginning. 

Then, during production, what test will manufacturer do to ensure quality? 

1.On-line inspection of products

Randomly select pads from machine lines and do tests in QC lab to ensure quality is good. 

2.Absorption capacity of products 

In QC lab, QC staff will test absorption capacity test for pads according to confirmed standard. It is basic test in lab to ensure absorption is qualified. 

3.Rewetness test   

The dryness of top sheet is also a vital factor to judge the quality of a pad. If top sheet can keep dry when using, it will brings more comfy to women and reduce the odor. 

Emerging Trends and Technologies in Sanitary Napkin Production

To seize the change of market is very a key to development of quality and technology. Under a changeable market, we should embrace all these changes and challenges of production technology of sanitary napkins. In response to the growing demand for innovative menstrual products, B.I. offers our customers a full product range of teen liners, adult liners, daytime use pads, nighttime use pads, g string pads and breast pads.

There are more and more new materials occupied in market, which is different ideas like functional top sheet, super thin absorption core, eco-friendly materials, etc.. High-quality sanitary napkins are chosen by more and more women. 

What shall we do to balance these new changes and production technology? Firstly, we should keep eyes on new trend in market to dare try new materials when producing. Secondly, R&D people should do more works to innovate new product. Thirdly, quality is still the most important part that we should always ensure. 

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