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How to Deal with Allergies Caused by Using Sanitary Panty Liners?

How to Deal with Allergies Caused by Using Sanitary Panty Liners?


1. Using panty liners is actually necessary

In fact, generally, doctors will advise us not to use sanitary panty liners or use them as little as possible, because the rubber products behind the panty liners are not breathable. Put such airtight objects close to the private parts, so that the private parts are always moist and warm. The environment is very suitable for the growth of bacteria, which can easily cause fungal infection and fungal vaginitis.

However, if panty liners are not used, there is no sense of security. If sanitary napkins are used in the last one or two days of the menstrual period, it is too wasteful, but it will feel unhygienic if they are not used at all, and it is troublesome to clean private parts. Thin panty liners are still necessary, but what if we encounter allergies?

2. How to avoid allergies when using panty liners?

First of all, when there is redness, swelling and itching caused by allergies of compostable panty liners, you can rub some daktarin, if it is itchy, you can take anti-allergic drugs. At the same time, don't scratch it.

Secondly, it is important to choose the right sanitary panty liners that suits you. We can choose trustworthy brand products, instead of buying a product that has never heard of a name, especially the perfumed one, for the sake of cheapness. In addition, women's private parts are extremely sensitive, so when buying sanitary napkins, we should try to choose pure cotton with good air permeability.

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