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How to Use Sanitary Panty Liners Correctly?

How to Use Sanitary Panty Liners Correctly?


Female friends need to use some sanitary care products during menstruation every month. Sanitary panty liners are a good product. Sanitary pads can be used appropriately when menstrual flow is not much or when there is too much vaginal discharge. However, when some females use the ladies' sanitary panty liners, the method is not very correct. This will cause some gynecological diseases to appear, so today I will show you how to use the sanitary pads correctly?

1. Choose a regular sanitary napkin brand manufacturer

To use women's pads, you must first choose to buy products produced by regular sanitary napkin brand manufacturers. There are many types of pads, including square cotton wool pads. Some female friends prefer the permeability of the mesh, but it is large. Most female friends prefer the close-fitting comfort of cotton surface, so you can choose according to your needs.

2. Pay attention to the use time of sanitary panty liners

When using women's sanitary panty liners, pay attention to the use time of the pads. When some female friends have vaginal discharge or have low menstrual flow, the pads may not be replaced for a long time because they feel that the pads are not dirty. It's a pity to change it. In fact, this kind of thinking and practice is completely incorrect. Because the humidity and temperature of the vulva are relatively high, this part is very easy to breed bacteria. If you use the pad for too long, it will cause the growth of bacteria, and the bacteria will gradually invade the vagina. If the vagina is infected by bacteria, vaginitis or cervicitis will occur.

When using comfort wear disposable underpads, you should also pay attention to cleaning the vulva, because some female friends have sensitive vulva skin. If you do not cleanse the vulva skin in time after using it, or dry the vulva skin thoroughly after washing, it is easy to have skin allergies.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone understands how to use the sanitary panty pads correctly. I hope that all female friends can use sanitary napkins, pads and built-in tampon and other care products correctly. When menstruation or when there are more leucorrhea, remember to wash the vulva every day, and the underwear must be cleaned and replaced every day. After each wash of underwear, it is best to soak and disinfect with boiling water, so as to prevent cross-infection.

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