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Is It Good to Use Pads for a Long Time?

Is It Good to Use Pads for a Long Time?


Panty liners are a kind of sanitary care products that women often use. Because of their soft texture, most of the regular sanitary napkin manufacturers produce relatively air permeability, and they are lighter and thinner, so many people have less menstrual flow. 

Sometimes they like to use the pads, and some women also like to use the pads when the amount of vaginal discharge is large, because this way the underwear will not get very dirty. Some female friends want to use the pads for long-term hygiene care. Today, we, offering round cotton pads bulk, will show you how to use long-term pads, okay?

1. Use time of sanitary pads

The long-term use of the pads depends mainly on how to use them. If you use the pads together for several hours, it is harmful to women's health. If you use the pads every one or two hours, you should change them every time, so that there will not be too much Hazard, when purchasing pads, you must choose products produced by regular sanitary napkin brand manufacturers. Don't be greedy to buy products without safety certificate from irregular manufacturers because some of the materials are not good although the surface looks very clean and tidy. But the inner material is not good, it will cause inflammatory infection or allergic reaction after use.

2. Sanitary pads can be used appropriately

Under normal circumstances, women can use sanitary pads when there are more leucorrhea during ovulation, but long-term use is not necessary. Whether or not to use pads, underwear needs to be cleaned and replaced every day, and it is best to use special for washing underwear. The care solution used for cleaning, the underwear care solution will have a better sterilization effect. It will be better to soak in boiling water after washing. This is the best way to protect women's gynecological health. If you only use square cotton wool pads for a long time without changing underwear, it will also be harmful bacteria there.

After reading the above introduction, I believe everyone knows whether it is good to use pads for a long time. I hope that all female friends can have a correct understanding of the use of pads. Any sanitary products should not be used for too long. Sanitary napkins and pads should not be consumed for more than one and a half hours in summer. It should not exceed two hours in winter. Because the pads and sanitary napkins are placed in the privacy of women, the basic body temperature and humidity of this part are relatively high, which is easy to breed bacteria. If used for a long time, it is very harmful to the health of the vagina and vulva.

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