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Some Knowledge about Panty Liners

Some Knowledge about Panty Liners


1. Brief introduction of panty liners

Panty liners are actually small and light "mini pads for periods", which are mainly used in the late menstrual period, with only a small amount of menstrual blood, or usually leucorrhea and vaginal discharge, to avoid wet underwear. 

So can the panty liners be used every day? We, as one of panty liners manufacturers, will take a look at it with you in detail!

2. Health knowledge of using panty liners

(1) Use sanitary panty liners of pure cotton texture, so that the air permeability will be better;

(2) Use fragrance-free sanitary pads, because the fragrance comes from the addition of chemicals, which is irritating to the skin and harmful to the local environment;

(3) Change the sanitary panty liners every 4 hours at most, and don't allow bacteria to accumulate for too long;

(4) Do not use the comfort wear underpads immediately after bathing, let the local environment dry completely, it is best to use a blower, dry it slowly with cold air, and then paste the panty liner, do not let the environment start from damp;

(5) Try to wipe off the secretions with a paper towel after urination to reduce the "carrying capacity" of the sanitary panty liner.

3. Other Popular Products Provided By Zhejiang Bi:

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