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The "Evolutionary History" of the Adult Diaper Pad for Men

The "Evolutionary History" of the Adult Diaper Pad for Men


Adult diapers as a close companion of the elderly, in order to let you understand the product, the following is an introduction to adult diaper products.

1. History of the adult diaper pad for men

Space experts say that adult diapers were originally designed for astronauts to urinate in space, and only later turned to civilian use. In fact, diapers have come a long way before they became diapers.

It was the Japanese who started to try diaper alternatives, simply because of the natural lack of supplies in Japan during the Second World War. And it was the Swede Boris Sturm who took a substantial step forward, inventing a two-piece adult diaper pad for men in 1942, with an outer layer of plastic pants and an inner layer of absorbent pads made of paper. These disposable ones broke easily and the debris would get all over the child's bottom, so they were not widely used for a long time.

On April 12, 1961, the first human space hero Gagarin, before going into space, there was a hiccup, in order to step into the launch module, Gagarin suddenly felt the urgency of urination, no choice, he had to get down, leaning on the wheels of a car, the urine outward along the tube of the space suit. May 5, 1961, the first American astronaut in space Shepherd also encountered the problem of urinary urgency, the commander ordered him to urinate in space. The commander ordered him to pee in his suit, a risk because the heat of the urine could cause the equipment in the suit, which had to be kept fresh, to malfunction. Luckily, the urine cooled quickly and tragedy did not occur.

It was not until the 1980s that the suit was improved to include polymer absorbers and a diaper was invented that could absorb 1,400 milliliters of water that peeing ceased to be a major problem for astronauts. The polymer card was also played to quickly get on the space express. In TV shows of the time, astronauts' diapers were cut into pieces and thrown into a fish tank to show the powerful water absorption power. At this time, adult diapers have been updated to the fourth generation with strong water absorption ability. With the continuous improvement of production process, adult diapers have been improved from the single function of leak-proof and absorbing urine at the beginning to both leak-proof and breathable as well as urine-absorbing and anti-bacterial, and a variety of functions such as stretchable elastic waistband and three-dimensional leak-proof partition edge have been added. The new tea diapers add anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and odor-removing functions on the basis of traditional diapers.

2. The common sense of replacing the adult diaper pad for men

Adult diapers are a kind of paper incontinence products mainly used by incontinent adults for single use, and adult diapers belong to adult care products. With the number of elderly and other disabled people increasing year by year, the market demand for adult diapers is increasing. Many people do not understand the correct use of adult diapers for various reasons, so we would like to remind you to change your diapers immediately when they are dirty, and to wrap the used diapers and throw them into the garbage, not to flush them in the toilet.

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