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What Are the Benefits of Wiping Faces with Facial Wet Wipes?

What Are the Benefits of Wiping Faces with Facial Wet Wipes?


Wet wipes are familiar skin care products, wet wipes have many uses, there are many kinds of wet wipes on the market, according to the different types of wet wipes, the correct use of wet wipes, in order to do a good job of skin wet maintenance.

1. Facial wet wipes can clean the face dust

Out and about, the face inevitably fell many dust and bacteria, especially in some harsh environment workers, in the absence of water conditions, you can use wet wipes to wipe your face, facial wet wipes can not only eliminate face dust and bacteria, but also refresh the face, so that the face remains clean.

2. Facial wet wipes can moisturize the skin

Ordinary wipes contain liquid ingredients for distilled water or purified water, in addition to disinfectants, fragrances and other ingredients, good wipes also contain aloe vera gel, vitamin E, glycerin, malic acid and other skin care ingredients, used to wipe the face can quickly moisturize the skin, and keep the skin moisturized.

3. Facial wet wipes can remove makeup

Wet wipes also contains facial wet wipes with makeup removal function, this wet wipes dipped in liquid for weak acid makeup remover, made of soft fibers, makeup girls used to wipe their faces, can dissolve the deep pores of makeup dirt, clean, so as to achieve the effect of makeup removal.

4. Facial wet wipes can disinfect the face wound

Disinfectant wipes to non-woven fabric, fabric, dust-free paper or other raw materials as a carrier, purified water for the production of water, the right amount of added preservatives and other auxiliary materials, the skin mucous membrane with a clean disinfection effect, so when the face has a wound, you can use wet wipes to wipe the face to disinfect the wound.

Wet wipes for general use are mainly used to clean the skin. When you go out, it is not easy to clean with water, and it is disposable. Low-grade products use hot-rolled nonwoven fabric as the substrate, while medium- and high-grade products use dust-free paper or spunlace nonwoven fabric as the substrate. Ordinary wipes dipped in liquid ingredients are generally distilled water or purified water, disinfectants, fragrances, medium and high-end products dipped in liquid also contains aloe vera gel, vitamin E, cocoa phosphatidic acid, glycerin, malic acid and other skin care ingredients, the use of cleaning, moisturizing, moisturizing once completed.

When buying wet wipes for face to see what is used, can not see the word "wipes" on the hand, to read the label instructions and the scope of application, the human body and objects, adults and infants, and adults or objects with the need to use the sanitary wipes with sterilization effect, have to be based on specific needs to Choose. Generally speaking, sanitary wipes are more suitable for medical institutions with high hygiene requirements and public places with serious bacterial contamination, while personal use depends on your own needs.

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