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What's the Use of Panty Liners? How Do They Work?

What's the Use of Panty Liners? How Do They Work?


Panty liners are products specially developed for the health of female private parts. The main function is to make women's private parts cleaner and more comfortable. Normally, women use it when menstruation is about to end (when menstrual flow is low) or when there is a lot of vaginal discharge. In order to protect the health of their private parts, some women are also used to using panty liners every day.

1. How often should I change the sanitary panty liner? 

When using sanitary panty liners, pay attention to timely replacement, otherwise it is easy to breed bacteria and cause diseases.

Recommendations of experts from various countries on the use time:

  • German Health Authority: Replacement at least twice a day;

  • U.S. Food and Drug Administration: The comfort wear disposable underpads can be used for up to eight hours;

  • Hungarian Chamber Obstetricians and Gynecologists: It should be replaced every six to eight hours.

2. Can sanitary panty liners be used frequently?

An online survey in Hong Kong shows that 45% of the women interviewed have felt embarrassed because their private parts or their partner's private parts are unclean, and more than half of young women have suffered from unclean private parts. In order to keep their private parts clean, many women love to use string panty liners to prevent secretions from contaminating their underwear. The doctor emphasized that the sanitary panty liners should be replaced frequently to reduce the possibility of virus growth.

The pH value of the female genitals is between 3.8 and 4.2, which will form a natural protection against bacteria, but when a woman begins to have sex, menstruation, semen, oral contraceptives, etc. will interfere with the genital PH value, thereby weakening the acid protection of the genitals, conducive to the growth of viruses, increasing the risk of genital infections, including Candida infection and viral vaginitis.

Specialists pointed out that when the pH of the vagina is 6, pain and inflammation will occur in the genitals. When the pH is 7, the vulva will feel itchy. Patients must seek medical attention as soon as possible to avoid delay in diagnosis and treatment.

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