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5 Ways to Solve an Allergy to Sanitary Pads

5 Ways to Solve an Allergy to Sanitary Pads


Many women with allergies have a very embarrassing distress, that is, they are allergic to sanitary napkins, but they have to use sanitary napkins every month when they menstruate.

So, is there any way to relieve allergy symptoms? Here are 5 ways to deal with sanitary napkin allergies.

Ⅰ. Less use of hygienic sanitary pads with dry mesh surface

Women with sensitive skin should use less dry mesh sanitary napkins and more cotton mesh hygienic pads. Dry mesh sanitary napkins absorb quickly, but cotton mesh sanitary napkins are softer and more comfortable and less irritating to the skin.

Ⅱ. Avoiding allergens can solve the problem of hygienic sanitary pads allergies

Once there is a feeling of itching, you should stop using this brand of sanitary napkin immediately, it is best to find out the allergen (the most common is the fragrance in the sanitary napkin), and it is best not to use the sanitary napkin with the same ingredients.

Ⅲ. The correct selection of hygienic sanitary pads

1. It depends on whether it is a sanitary napkin produced by regular sanitary pads suppliers. Like some well-known brands commonly found in large shopping malls, they should all have quality assurance. Don't buy some sanitary napkins in bulk or with broken packaging.

2. Try to choose good sanitary napkins that are commonly used and have no adverse reactions. Generally, sanitary napkins with cotton surface are not easy to cause allergies. Women with sensitive skin should use sanitary napkins with fiber mesh surface with caution.

3. To see the production date and shelf life, many women do not have the habit of looking at the date when buying sanitary napkins, and they will buy a lot of "storage" at once.

In fact, sanitary napkins also have a shelf life. It is difficult to guarantee the quality of expired sanitary napkins. Generally speaking, the closer the production date is to the time of purchase, the better.

Ⅳ. Pay attention to diet to avoid hygienic sanitary pads allergies

During menstruation, it is not advisable to eat high-fat and high-calorie foods, but to replace them with fruits, vegetables, beans, and a light diet, and the body will be refreshed.

Ⅴ. Change hygienic sanitary pads frequently

Delicate skin needs a very breathable environment. If it is closed too tightly and moisture accumulates, it is easy to breed bacteria and cause various health problems.

The ideal item is high-woven cotton underwear, which should be changed every day. If you use sanitary pads, don't forget to choose a product with good breathability.

If women often have allergic reactions to sanitary napkins, it is because of the local accumulation of moisture, so female friends should pay attention to frequent replacement of feminine sanitary napkins and increase the frequency of changing hygienic sanitary pads.

The above 5 methods can effectively relieve women's allergy to sanitary napkins, and it can be seen from the above that in addition to the choice of cotton sanitary napkins, the choice of sanitary napkin supplier is also very important.

Also, look at the production date. Don't think that sanitary napkins have no shelf life. Hygienic sanitary pads that have been stored for a long time will also breed bacteria.

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