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Research on the Structure of Each Layer of Baby Diapers and Market Development

Research on the Structure of Each Layer of Baby Diapers and Market Development


1. The structure of baby diapers

Diapers are a liquid absorption control system built from multiple layers of nonwoven materials. Early diapers consisted of a surface layer, an absorbent core layer, and a back layer.

The surface layer is soft and breathable, can quickly absorb urine and make urine penetrate down, and maintain the dryness of the skin surface; the absorption core layer of baby diapers is used to absorb and store a large amount of liquid; the back layer is used to prevent urine from exudation, Play a role of isolation.

In actual use, super absorbent resin has better liquid absorption ability than wood pulp fiber, but its expansion after liquid absorption reduces the gap between the resins, making it difficult for more surface liquid of diapers to continue to penetrate, causing gel blockage and reducing the liquid absorption ability of the absorption core layer.

In order to solve the problem of gel blocking, the researchers added a shunt layer between the surface layer and the absorbent core layer to divert the concentrated liquid in the surface layer, thus maximizing the use efficiency of the absorbent core layer.

2. The top layer of baby diapers

Because it is close to the skin surface during use, the surface layer is mostly made of soft and breathable materials, such as hot air or hot rolled nonwovens. At present, low melting point bicomponent composite fiber hot air nonwovens or pure cotton fiber spunlaced nonwovens are commonly used on the market.

There are many kinds of surface materials for baby diapers, including perforated film, hot air nonwoven fabric, perforated nonwoven fabric, pure cotton nonwoven fabric, functional nonwoven fabric, etc.

With the development of surface materials, some consumers are no longer satisfied with basic functions and hope that they have more functions.

3. The shunt layer of baby diapers

The shunt layer is located between the surface layer and the absorbent core layer, and its core function is to absorb and temporarily store the liquid, guide the liquid to the absorbent core layer along the longitudinal direction of the diaper towel body, and increase the utilization rate of the absorbent core layer.

In recent years, the shunt layer is mostly made of double-layer composite materials. The double-layer composite shunt layer of most organic baby diapers is formed by hot air bonding two fiber webs with different linear densities.

4. The absorption core layer of baby diapers

The absorption core plays a key role in diapers. The liquid absorption volume and absorption speed of the core layer directly affect the liquid absorption quality and use time of diapers.

Due to different sources of fluff pulp and low water absorption efficiency, the absorption core layer of organic baby diapers is mostly a mixture of fluff pulp and SAP.

Because granular SAP is easy to mix unevenly and easy to slip, it has a certain impact on the strength and performance of non-woven materials. Therefore, some researchers processed super absorbent powder into fiber form, and SAF fiber appeared. Replacing SAP with SAF will also be the development trend of diapers in the future.

5. Market development of baby diapers

In developed markets such as South Korea, Australia, Hong Kong, China, etc., the penetration rate of baby diapers is relatively high, and the market has been quite mature, while the baby diaper market in Mainland China is in an accelerated development stage.

According to statistics, in 2015, the total sales of diapers in China accounted for more than 80% of foreign brands, while the number of local brands was less than 20%. In this situation, improving the design of baby diapers and enhancing the technical content of products are powerful means to compete for market share.

Meeting different consumer needs is an important basis for diaper design. In addition, according to the consumption ability and demand of consumers in different regions, the performance of diapers is changed.

In some areas, babies use 6 diapers every day, while in some areas only 1~2 organic baby diapers every day. Because of the different frequency of use, consumers have different requirements for diapers to absorb liquid.

On the other hand is the design of the absorbent core. Some consumers think that the thin core layer is breathable, while others think that the thick core layer does not reverse seepage. Manufacturers can tailor to different consumer preferences.

With the development of network economy, shopping malls and supermarkets are no longer the only channels for consumers to choose diapers.

A survey shows that 47.76% of consumers buy baby diapers through maternal and infant specialty stores, 11.84% of consumers buy through TV shopping, and up to 56.53% of consumers choose online shopping. Diaper merchants need to grasp this development trend.

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