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6 Basic Principles for Choosing Baby Diapers, Do You Know?

6 Basic Principles for Choosing Baby Diapers, Do You Know?


Ⅰ. What are the basic principles for choosing baby diapers?

Choosing the right diaper is crucial for babies. It can save parents' worries, don't worry about the troubles after the baby urinates, and throw it away after use;

Second, it can not only ensure that the baby's buttocks are dry, but also avoid red buttocks. Here are 6 basic principles for choosing diapers, so that parents no longer worry about buying the wrong baby diapers!

1) Choose diapers with reliable quality produced by regular enterprises. Go to regular shopping malls and supermarkets and other reputable retail places to buy, and remember to choose products from well-known companies.

Read the instructions carefully before buying to see if it meets the two aspects described above. If it is spring and summer, be careful not to buy thicker ones that are suitable for autumn and winter.

2) Choose baby diapers with strong moisture absorption. The strong hygroscopicity is as follows: it can quickly suck the urine into the bottom layer and lock it, which can prevent back leakage. Such diapers can keep the skin of the baby's buttocks dry.

3) Choose a diaper with a breathable waistband and cut-to-length legs. This design can reduce the area covered by the diaper on the baby's buttocks, so that more skin can be exposed to fresh air, and the moisture can be dissipated at any time, helping to prevent diaper rash.

4) Choose diapers with leak-proof design. Such diapers can prevent the baby's excrement from soiling the baby's clothes.

5) Choose diapers with soft inner and outer layers. Such baby diapers can avoid hurting the skin of the baby's buttocks and inner thighs, and make the baby feel comfortable.

6) Choose the right size diaper. After changing into such a diaper, there will be no gap between the baby's belly and the diaper, and no deep marks will be left on the baby's thigh.

Every baby's body shape is different, and the specifications provided by the packaging bags have certain reference value, but they are not completely accurate.

Therefore, mothers should buy a few baby diapers for the baby to try before buying in large quantities, and then decide which brand and specification of diapers to use, and they should be replaced in time as the baby grows.

Ⅱ. Under what circumstances is it bad for the baby to use baby diapers?

Now diapers are a necessity among mother and baby products, and they are needed by every mother in their daily life. Therefore, when choosing diapers, special attention should be paid to cutting, preventing side leakage, and absorbing and drying.

It is also important to note that there are times when baby diapers are suitable for babies. So, what situations are babies not suitable for using diapers?

1) Inflammation of the umbilical cord

If the baby has inflammation on the umbilical cord, it is best not to use diapers first. In this way, the friction between the diaper and the umbilical cord can be avoided, or the urine can get on the umbilical cord and aggravate the condition.

2) Diaper allergy

Usually some babies are allergic to the materials used in baby diapers, especially the non-woven fabrics, adhesives, and waist tapes in them can cause adverse reactions on the skin.

If the mother notices redness, itching and small bumps where the baby is in contact with the diaper, she needs to use the diaper carefully, or try another brand.

3) Stubborn diaper rash

When your baby has diaper rash, it is best to avoid using diapers and to wash frequently to keep the bottom clean and dry. Then put the baby in diapers after the baby is well, but if you find that the disease recurs, it is recommended to use only cloth diapers.

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