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Tips: How Often Are Diaper Changes Best for Baby's Butts?

Tips: How Often Are Diaper Changes Best for Baby's Butts?


1. The benefits of baby diapers

To babies, diapers are no less important than milk powder. Baby diapers can not only solve the baby's physiological problems but also allow the baby to have a stable sleep at night.

Of course, the same is true for moms and dads. Being woken up by a baby crying at night is not a good memory. However, many young parents do not know how often to change baby diapers, and often have a headache over this problem.

2. How often should baby diapers be changed?

Baby diapers have the characteristics of good air permeability, strong hygroscopicity, and no diaper rash, which brings a lot of convenience to mothers. However, because many diapers on the market use plastic film as the outer water barrier, their air permeability is greatly limited.

If you don't change it for a long time, there may be red buttocks and dermatitis. Therefore, mothers should change the diaper frequently to make the baby comfortable and avoid the occurrence of diseases.

Organic baby diapers are made of soft natural materials, with a unique soft skin-friendly layer and a cloud-like soft touch. With innovative technology to reduce skin friction and fabric microporous design, they can effectively eliminate sultry and humid air, keep them dry and breathable at all times, allowing babies to touch them like mothers.

The frequency of changing baby diapers should be adjusted according to the age of the baby. During the neonatal period, because the bladder is not fully developed, the urine cannot be retained in the body, so the number of changing diapers will be relatively more at this time.

Usually, diapers are changed as many as 10 times in 24 hours, and diapers need to be changed before and after each feeding, after the child has a bowel movement, and before going to bed.

During the period of infants and toddlers, mothers can change their diapers every 3 hours during the day and every 4 to 6 hours when they are older, and two or three times a night at night.

Hands should be dry and clean when mothers are changing diapers, and diaper ointment can be applied to the buttocks before the baby puts on a new diaper to protect the skin. Do not wrap diapers too tightly when changing, otherwise, it will easily lead to the onset of red buttocks, dermatitis, and other diseases.

Try to choose organic baby diapers with elastic and soft waist. Its soft and super elastic waist can stretch up to three times, and it can also expand and contract with the baby's movements. The baby is comfortable to wear, and it is also good for the baby's skin.

Through the above reading, whether you, as a father and mother, have learned how often to change diapers?

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