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Benefits and Techniques for Using Cotton Pads

Benefits and Techniques for Using Cotton Pads


cotton pads are great helpers for skincare, but many of us only use cotton pads when removing makeup, thinking that using cotton pads to apply skincare products will waste the product. In fact, when used correctly, cotton pads can not only save skincare products, but also maximize their effectiveness. Let's take a look together.

The benefits of using cotton pads

Help the skin to perform secondary cleaning

Many people believe that after removing makeup with makeup remover and washing their face with facial cleanser, everything is done. In fact, there may still be residual substances in facial cleansers, and even disinfectants in tap water cannot be ignored. Therefore, secondary cleaning is very important. The fiber material of the mask itself can remove the dirt that has not been washed off by facial cleanser, or the residue left on the skin.

Help to gently exfoliate the skin

The skin cells are constantly undergoing metabolic roles every day, but our skin cannot tolerate physical exfoliation with granular substances or chemical exfoliation with liquid substances every day. At this time, just take out your mask, slowly slide it over the washed skin, and easily complete the gentle exfoliation work, which is also suitable for sensitive skin!

Easy to control the amount of toner used

Does using cotton pads always waste toner? Actually no. cotton pads can help us apply toner to every corner of our face, which is better than using toner multiple times in large amounts.

Correct use of cotton pads

Mask vs. Toner

When toner comes into contact with the palm of the hand, the skin on the hand will absorb the nutrient content of the toner first. Therefore, using cotton pads can better control toner and make it more effective on the face. Therefore, using toner with cotton pads can enhance the effectiveness of the skincare regimen.

Method: First wipe the entire face to moisturize the epidermis, then use the mask to lightly pat against the pores from bottom to top, helping the moisturizing factor of the toner to completely penetrate the skin, not only helping to deeply nourish, but also to refine pores.

Mask vs. Emulsion

Using cotton pads to apply emulsion can be applied evenly because of the bumps and depressions on the surface of the skin. Only relying on the hands to apply, many areas are difficult to take care of, and cotton pads can take care of those areas. The combination of cotton pads and emulsions can provide sufficient moisture to the skin, moderately remove dead skin cells, and achieve balanced skin.

Method: Press lightly on the cheekbone area beside the ear, and the mask can "press" the active ingredients of the emulsion into the skin's epidermis, allowing the skin to absorb the essence deep inside. The skin around the eyes does not have a supporting layer of fat, so it is recommended to use a pressure-free edge mask with a thickness of about 5mm, soft cotton and will not cause tension to the skin around the eyes, with moderate water absorption, and easy to control the amount of emulsion seeping out.

Mask vs. Makeup remover

Everyone knows that cotton pads are used for removing makeup, but are the methods and products you are using correct? Makeup removal requires cotton pads made of cotton material, which is soft and will not damage the skin even if repeatedly wiped.

Method: Stack three cotton pads together and pour makeup remover. Doing this removes all makeup on the face at once, without having to replace the cotton pad repeatedly. In addition, a mask with a certain thickness has strong force when removing makeup, making it easy to remove all makeup thoroughly, which saves makeup remover.

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