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Disinfectant Wet Wipes Really Work for Disinfection

Disinfectant Wet Wipes Really Work for Disinfection


During the epidemic, people pay more and more attention to disinfection, and now they are obsessed with disinfectant wet wipes. On the one hand, it has disinfection function, on the other hand, it is convenient to carry.

Wipes are divided into ordinary wipes and sanitary wipes. The composition of ordinary wipes is mostly water and fragrance, which can only clean but not disinfect. Sanitary wipes can be disinfected and contain bactericidal ingredients. Not only the wipes themselves are disinfected, but other objects can also be disinfected. It contains multiple effective bactericidal ingredients with a bactericidal rate of 99.99%, and does not contain alcohol, which is non-toxic and non-irritating. It is a new type of foam disinfectant wet wipes that can ensure the effective mechanism of bactericidal activity and kill multiple pathogens.

Currently, there are two types of wet wipes on the market. One contains skin care ingredients, which has a moisturizing effect but cannot be used for disinfection. The other is a disinfectant wet wipe, which has a certain disinfection and bactericidal effect. The packaging usually indicates the disinfection or bactericidal ingredients, but usually doesn't show the pH value and contains some irritating chemical ingredients.

High compliance of disinfectant wet wipes

Disinfectant wet wipes have a higher compliance than chlorine-containing disinfectant solutions. Cleaning work in the ward is generally completed by cleaning staff. The cultural quality of grassroots hospital cleaning staff is generally not high, and some personnel have never received school education. Due to low salary, the cleaning team is unstable, and poor ability to understand after training, the chlorine-containing disinfectant solution needs to be prepared on the spot. It is more irritating during preparation and needs to be tested for concentration with chlorine test paper after preparation. The used towels need to be washed, soaked in disinfectant, and dried, with complicated procedures. Most of the chlorine-containing disinfectant solutions are prepared by cleaning staff, and the towel use can also lead to secondary pollution, which is also the reason for low compliance. The disinfectant wet wipes are ready to use, non-irritating, accurate in concentration, and can be disposed of as infectious waste after use, with high compliance.

Efficacy of disinfectant wet wipes

For normal cleaning, home or going out, you can choose ordinary wipes to meet the cleaning purpose. For those who have higher requirements and hope to have certain antibacterial effects after wiping, sanitary wipes can be selected, but sanitary wipes can only have certain bacteriostatic effects. It will have a bactericidal effect for a while after wiping, but cannot achieve the effect of disinfection. For those who have special requirements and hope to quickly kill bacteria and have a disinfectant effect, they must choose disinfectant wet wipes, which can kill bacteria more thoroughly and are mainly used to prevent sudden influenza.

Through the above introduction, we must pay more attention when buying wet wipes in the future. Some wet wipes may not have disinfection function at all. Especially in terms of children, we should be more careful. Children's health and hygiene are very important. A small bacterium may cause great harm to children, so do not use wipes because of laziness.

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