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Can Pregnant Women Use Sanitary Pads?

Can Pregnant Women Use Sanitary Pads?


Pregnant women are a very special group of people. The health of pregnant women is not only related to the pregnant women themselves, but also related to the normal development of the fetus in the pregnant women's abdomen. Therefore, pregnant women need to be cautious when using anything. The sanitary pads are the most common small items in the female bags, many women use sanitary pads, and many pregnant women also use them, so can pregnant women use sanitary pads?

1. Can pregnant women use sanitary pads?

Pregnant women can use comfort wear underpads. During pregnancy, women will secrete a lot of fluid in the vagina, which is much more than before pregnancy. Therefore, many pregnant women feel the increase in vaginal discharge which often soils their underwear, so many pregnant women choose to use sanitary pads, such as antibacterial sanitary pads.

2. Pregnant women need to replace the sanitary pads frequently

If the antibacterial sanitary pads are put on every day, and the replacement is not frequent, ultra thin pads may cause the local temperature and humidity to be too high, the growth of bacteria, and even the emergence of gynecological diseases.

Therefore, it is not impossible for pregnant women to use the pads, but it is recommended to change them frequently, and even if the sanitary pads are used, pregnant women should take care of their private parts, because only by keeping their private parts clean and dry can bacteria stay away from themselves. Once the private parts are damp, creating conditions for the growth of bacteria, bacteria can take advantage of it and affect the health of pregnant women. As a pregnant woman with a fetus, she must always care about her health to avoid affecting her fetus due to her own diseases.

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