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When to Use Panty Liners?

When to Use Panty Liners?


It's found that many women use panty liners. So what exactly is a panty liner? Do you need to use it?

Ⅰ. Steps for using panty liners

1. Understand what panty liners are. The panty liners are similar to sanitary napkins, but lighter than sanitary napkins and are not used to absorb menstrual blood.

2. Use the panty liners for a few days after the end of the menstrual period to absorb vaginal discharge. These effluents are red and white and may sometimes be found in underwear. When it dries, it is difficult to wash, and the use of female panty liners will help a lot.

3. If these effluents are not often found, you can put one or two pieces in the wallet for use. If you are in puberty (breast development, emotional instability, rapid growth, etc.), you should keep a pack of panty liners by your side for a long time.

4. When you find yourself in adolescence, this is an exciting fact. At the same time, you must understand some common sense of adolescence.

5. Carefully select some comfort wear disposable underpads, which must be suitable for the body type. For large flow, you need to buy a strong absorbent and thicker pad; for medium flow, use a normal-sized pad; for less flow, you can use ultra thin sanitary napkin. In the market, you can find brands designed for adolescent girls. In the packaging, you can find a lot of information to help you understand your own changes.

Ⅱ. Tips for purchasing panty liners

If you feel scared or nervous when buying sanitary napkins or pads, you can bring your friend, sister or mother with you. There is no need to panic. Then reading more articles in this area will help. 

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