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Can Sanitary Pad Be Used Everyday? What Are the Matters Needing Attention when Using Pads

Can Sanitary Pad Be Used Everyday? What Are the Matters Needing Attention when Using Pads


Panty liners are a common feminine product,. Their main function is to prevent secretions from soiling their underwear. Most women use them at the end of their menstrual period, but some women feel that they have more secretions, so they use hygienic pads every day. Can the period pads be used every day? What are the precautions for using panty liners? Let's take a closer look together!

1. Can panty liners be used every day?

To the question of whether hygienic pads can be used every day, the answer is obviously absolutely "no". We know that the bottom of the sanitary pad has a layer of plastic base film for leak prevention, which has poor air permeability. If used for a long time, it may cause women's genitals to be wet and sweat, which will breed bacteria and pathogens. If used every day, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases, so for the sake of their own health, women must not blindly abuse comfort wear disposable underpads.

2. What are the precautions for using panty liners?

(1) Do not use scented panty liners

Generally speaking, fragrance-type panty liners contain certain flavor additives, which may increase the probability of women's private parts allergies. Therefore, for the sake of private health, it is recommended to choose fragrance-free pads as much as possible.

(2) panty liners should be replaced in time

When using good panty liners, you must pay attention to timely replacement. Do not use one pad for one day. This practice will bring you great danger.

(3) Use panty liners with caution in summer

The weather in summer is very hot, and it is easy to sweat if you don't pay attention. It is not recommended that female friends use panty liners when it is not necessary. Don't feel that you have secretions in the few days before ovulation or menstruation. There are a lot of people, just use the compostable panty liners privately, in fact, it's enough to change the underwear frequently.

The above is the introduction about whether panty liners can be used every day. Women's private parts are very fragile. In order to avoid trouble, we still hope that female friends can pay attention to personal hygiene and cleaning and take care of relevant nursing measures at the same time. Only in this way will the body be healthier.

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