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What is a Sanitary Pad?

What is a Sanitary Pad?


We all know that blood will flow out during menstruation. Therefore, menstrual products must be used to avoid blood stains on clothing. Most female friends choose sanitary napkins, but we all know that there are hygienic pads in the market. So what are sanitary panty liners? Let us take a look together.

1. The use of sanitary panty liners can avoid embarrassment

Sanitary panty liners are not uncommon in life. In fact, sanitary panty liners are not difficult to understand. We all know that using sanitary panty liners will avoid embarrassment when there is a special period of menstruation, and it will also make people no longer feel as embarrassed as before.

The production of sanitary panty liners is similar to the principle of sanitary napkins, which can absorb daily secretions outside the menstrual period, and greatly reduce the worries of female friends. In general, sanitary panty liners are more small and thin, it will not cause discomfort.

2. Advantages of using sanitary panty liners

Female friends do not have a lot of menstrual blood in the early and late menstrual period. If you use compostable pull ups, there will be some waste. If you don't use menstrual products, it will contaminate the underwear. In this case, sanitary panty liners can be used. The usage of string panty liners is similar to that of sanitary napkins, but compared with sanitary napkins, it is much thinner and smaller. The discomfort during use will naturally decrease a lot, avoiding the strong foreign body sensation caused by sanitary napkins.

In fact, sanitary panty liners can be used not only during menstruation. Female friends' bodies belong to the ovulation period for a period of time each month, and the amount of vaginal discharge is relatively large at this time, or it is during the ovulation period. Symptoms of bleeding, in this case, sanitary panty liners can also be used to prevent the underwear from getting dirty.

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