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Do Cotton Pads Ruin Your Look or Help Your Skin?

Do Cotton Pads Ruin Your Look or Help Your Skin?


In daily skin care routine, "cotton pads" are commonly used tools, especially during makeup removal, application of toner, and wet compress.

Characteristics of cotton pads

Depending on the materials used, cotton pads can be divided into pure cotton, non-woven fabric, and mixed materials (pure cotton + non-woven fabric + silk + artificial silk). Regardless of the material used, "cotton pads" are composed of fibers. The structure of cotton pads is determined by these fibers, which gives them many characteristics.

Functions of cotton pads

Cotton pads have a hollow structure made up of fibers, which gives them strong absorption ability. This ability makes cotton pads important in makeup removal and double cleansing with toner.

For example, let's analyze how circular cotton pads assist in makeup removal, which uses the principle of oil dissolving oil and the cleaning effect of surfactants. Take makeup removal water as an example. When makeup removal water comes into contact with a cotton pad, the hydrophilic groups of the surfactants will stick to the cotton pad, while the hydrophobic ends face outward like an oil-absorbing fuzzy blanket. When using the cotton pad to wipe the skin, the hydrophobic end of the surfactant will catch makeup and oils, achieving the purpose of makeup removal. However, the amount of oil that these little tails (hydrophobic groups of surfactants) can carry away is limited, so multiple wiping may be required, especially when the makeup is thick.

In addition, our skin is not as smooth as we see it. It consists of countless irregular skin ridges and furrows. Small fibers on pure cotton pads can fully contact the skin, and when combined with the surfactant's absorption, can wipe makeup in these ridges and furrows, achieving better makeup removal effects.

Our hands do not have the same absorption ability as cotton pads, nor can they fully contact our skin like cotton pads. The ability to assist in makeup removal is much worse than that of cotton pads, and it is less convenient to use. This is why consumers prefer to bulk buy cotton pads to assist in makeup removal. The ability of cotton pads to assist in makeup removal is still quite remarkable.

Some brands also emphasize the use of cotton pads when applying toner and lotion. Part of this is to use cotton pads to assist in cleaning for a better double cleansing effect. Some are for using cotton pads to fully contact the skin with toner and lotion, achieving better nourishment effects. However, this may lead to waste if it is not for double cleansing, and using hands for application doesn't make a big difference, so it is not necessary.

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