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Do You Really Understand Hygienic Sanitary Pads?

Do You Really Understand Hygienic Sanitary Pads?


During menstruation, the immune system of a girl's private area is much more fragile than usual. If hygienic sanitary pads are not chosen properly, it is easy to cause bacterial infections. Therefore, when choosing hygienic sanitary pads, we need to consider some important indicators and rely on this "barrier" to keep bacteria out. Now, let's take a closer look at the use and selection of hygienic sanitary pads.

Menstruation is the weakest time for a girl's body. Without careful protection, it may affect her health. Usually, we need to use our hands to unpack, flatten, and stick hygienic sanitary pads. If we do not pay attention to hand hygiene at this time, we are likely to bring a lot of bacteria to the hygienic sanitary pads. Female private parts are hot and humid, and are prone to breeding bacteria. The menstrual blood discharged by females contains a lot of substances, providing a place for bacteria to grow. Therefore, girls should change hygienic sanitary pads frequently during menstruation, and the usage time should not exceed 3 hours per piece, even if the amount is small.

Hygienic sanitary pads are mainly made of fiber materials, and are prone to breeding bacteria if left for a long time.

Nowadays, many bathrooms at homes are backlit and have high humidity, providing living space for bacteria. Therefore, we need to put unused hygienic sanitary pads back in a dry and clean environment in time. If hygienic sanitary pads become damp or expired, do not continue to use them.

During menstruation, the skin of a girl's private area is prone to damage. Therefore, if we want to be comfortable on special days, choosing suitable and high-quality hygienic sanitary pads is essential. When purchasing hygienic sanitary pads, it is best to choose products with well-known brands and guaranteed reputation. Be cautious about buying hygienic sanitary pads from unknown or very rare brands in the market. The best place to buy hygienic sanitary pads is large shopping malls or supermarkets. Because the goods circulate quickly in these places, the storage time is short, and the storage environment is good, not only can the quality be guaranteed, but it can also effectively prevent the purchase of counterfeit and inferior products.

When choosing hygienic sanitary pads, pay special attention to the "hygiene index."

For example, whether the manufacturer has a "hygiene permit," anti-counterfeiting labels, product instructions, and hygiene index control. In addition, young girls should not use medicated hygienic sanitary pads to avoid reducing their self-immunity and cleaning ability of their private area. By reducing this ability, it is easier to be invaded by bacteria in the future.

To ensure that the purchased cheap hygienic sanitary pads are within the shelf life, try to choose those with a production date closer. Even if hygienic sanitary pads are not unpacked, they may easily deteriorate if stored for a long time. To avoid long-term storage, we should choose small-packaged hygienic sanitary pads as much as possible. In addition, the outer packaging of hygienic sanitary pads and the sealing of independent small packages should be smooth and without air leakage. High-quality hygienic sanitary pads should have a clean surface, even thickness, and intact sealing.

Nowadays, there are many types of hygienic sanitary pads on the market. However, when buying, we should still choose non-medicated, non-fragranced, and soft cotton hygienic sanitary pads. Cotton hygienic sanitary pads are made from fluffy pulp with strong absorbency, good fluffiness, greater skin affinity, and relatively good permeability and breathability. They do not trap heat, produce odor, and can keep the private area of a woman clean and dry, effectively reducing the occurrence of allergies and skin diseases.

Generally speaking, a girl's menstruation can be divided into three stages. We can choose different types of high-quality hygienic sanitary pads according to different stages. For example, when menstruation is heavy, use winged hygienic sanitary pads during the day and night-use hygienic sanitary pads at night. When menstruation is moderate, use standard hygienic sanitary pads. For pre- and post-menstruation, use ultra-thin or panty liner hygienic sanitary pads. This method of matching is not only safe and comfortable, but also can save costs during menstruation.

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