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How Do Alcohol Disinfection Wipes Work and What's So Special About 75% Concentration?

How Do Alcohol Disinfection Wipes Work and What's So Special About 75% Concentration?


Alcohol disinfection wipes, is a kind of alcohol disinfection solution and paper towels perfectly integrated in the disinfection and sterilization supplies to better achieve the alcohol disinfection solution wipe with. In the disinfection awareness gradually strengthened today, it has also become a common product.

1. The role of alcohol disenfecting wipes

Alcohol disinfectant wipes is to protect us from germs, in addition to home cleaning, car can be wiped disinfection, in many public places, such as contact with the elevator, door handles and other public areas, it is recommended that first wipe and then contact safer, therefore, no matter what time, prepare a few packs are very practical.

2. The concentration of alcohol disenfecting wipes

It is worth noting that the alcohol bought in pharmacies has two concentrations of 75% and 95%, while alcohol disinfection wipes contain 75% alcohol disinfection solution, 95% is only used to wipe the UV lamp, this is because too high a concentration of alcohol will form a protective film on the surface of the bacteria, preventing it from entering the bacteria body, it is difficult to kill the bacteria completely; if the alcohol concentration is too low, although it can enter the bacteria, but can not be If the concentration of alcohol is too low, it can enter the bacteria, but it can not solidify the proteins in their bodies, and also can not kill the bacteria completely.

It is worth noting that the liquid component of alcohol disinfection wipes is not only alcohol disinfection solution, but also water. Of course the water here is not ordinary water, Lefkei alcohol disinfection wipes use reverse osmosis technology to produce pure water, that is, pure water, to ensure the purity of the ingredients of alcohol disinfection wipes, safer when in contact with the skin.

3. The difference between disenfecting wipes and ordinary wipes

There are many types and brands of tissues and wipes on the market, so what is the difference between disinfectant wipes and ordinary wipes? Wipes are divided into three categories: ordinary cleaning wipes, sanitary wipes and disinfectant wipes, sanitary wipes generally have a sterilization rate of about 90%, while disinfectant wipes have a sterilization rate of 99.9%.

At the same time, when buying disinfectant wipes to pay attention to the scope of use, because disinfectant wipes have a certain degree of corrosion, if itself indicated only for the surface of the object, then do not use in the hands, face and other skin parts of the disinfection. And also pay attention to whether the disinfectant wipes are moist enough, if the disinfectant wipes are not very moist, it means that the disinfectant has evaporated and can not play the role of disinfection. At the same time, disinfectant wipes are not reusable, and it is necessary to pay attention to the full coverage of the disinfection area. Therefore, it is recommended to give priority to disinfectant wipes in individual packages or small packages, because large packages take longer to use, and repeatedly opening the package may cause the effective disinfectant ingredients to be evaporated, which will not play a disinfectant role.

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