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Women Must Read: You Must Know About Hygienic Sanitary Pads

Women Must Read: You Must Know About Hygienic Sanitary Pads


Normal adult women in life will have regular menstruation every month. Hygienic sanitary pads are an indispensable daily necessities during women's menstruation. There are many hygienic sanitary pads on the market now. Women must be cautious when choosing hygienic sanitary pads. Most women know about hygienic sanitary pads, but not many know how to use hygienic sanitary pads. So what are the must-know knowledge for using sanitary napkins in life?

Ⅰ. How to use hygienic sanitary pads?

Wash your hands thoroughly when using or changing hygienic sanitary pads to avoid the bacteria on your hands from adhering to the hygienic sanitary pads due to contact, which may cause bacterial invasion and induce gynecological diseases; after washing your hands, tear off the packaging bag of the sanitary napkin, take it out, and unfold the sanitary napkin. Tear off the paper tape on the reverse side of the sanitary napkin, and stick the sanitary napkin on the underwear to fix it.

If you use a sanitary napkin with a rectangular shape in the middle and tapes on both sides, first open the packaging bag to take out the sanitary napkin, then tear off the rectangular paper tape in the middle and paste it on the underwear, then tear off the paper tapes on both sides and paste it on the underwear respectively. Just fix it on the back.

During menstruation, women should replace hygienic sanitary pads in a timely, correct and scientific manner. When the cotton pad in the sanitary napkin absorbs more blood, it needs to be replaced in time. If you wait for the sanitary napkin to get wet for a long time before changing it, it will lead to more and more microorganisms such as bacteria in the sanitary napkin, which may cause or induce gynecological diseases.

Ⅱ. Three misunderstandings to avoid when using hygienic sanitary pads

1. Do not wash your hands before using hygienic sanitary pads

Because the process of unpacking, opening, smoothing, and sticking the sanitary napkin by hand will bring many germs to the sanitary napkin. Sanitary napkins directly touch women's vulva skin, and menstrual period is a period when women's resistance is low. If you don't pay attention, it is very easy to cause infection or gynecological diseases.

2. Blindly pursue hygienic sanitary pads with large absorption capacity

Many women also choose hygienic sanitary pads with strong absorption and good protection function when purchasing, thinking that they can use the same sanitary napkin for a long time, which saves a lot of trouble. In fact, this idea is wrong, because menstrual blood is rich in nutrients, which can easily become a "cultivation base" for bacteria to proliferate. Therefore, hygienic sanitary pads must be replaced frequently.

3. Put it in the bathroom for a long time

Generally, hygienic sanitary pads are made of non-woven fabrics, which are made of fiber materials. After being exposed to moisture, the material deteriorates, and bacteria are easy to invade and reproduce. However, most bathrooms do not see sunlight all day long and are too humid, so it is easy to breed mold and contaminate hygienic sanitary pads. Sanitary napkins after unpacking should be placed in a dry and clean environment, and should not be used after being damp.

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