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How Do Men Choose Sanitary Napkins For Women?

How Do Men Choose Sanitary Napkins For Women?


If you let your boyfriend or husband help you buy sanitary napkins, how should you teach them to choose?

1. Choose a brand

Regular brand sanitary napkins are always the first choice. For example, the well-known brand products with large market share in large shopping malls and supermarkets simply choose the one with the largest area on the shelves.

2. Look at the date

When selecting, you should check the product identification, and try to choose the products produced recently. The sanitary napkin outer packaging should have information such as the sanitary license number, production date, shelf life or validity period, the implemented standard number, producer name and address.

3. Look at the packaging

Choose small packages as much as possible. The sealing of each outer package and independent small package should be smooth and free of air leakage. In addition, from the hand feel, a good sanitary napkin is made of fluff pulp with strong absorption and good bulkiness, so it is light and soft. Sanitary napkins that are mixed with other pulps, scraps, etc. are heavy and hard.

Popular sanitary napkins in Zhejiang Bi:

Choose a sanitary napkin that suits you to make your period less comfortable and more comfortable!

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